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COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT - How do we assist communities to become stronger?

  • Definition of Community
  • Community Empowerment, making neighbourhoods stronger
  • Factors of Poverty; The Big Five, attack causes, not symptoms
  • People Development, Not Hardware, human scale, not technology;
  • Revealing Hidden Resources, sustainable development, avoiding charity
  • Twelve Lessons, learned by Community Development of Habitat;
  • Culture and Social Animation, a taste of social science theory for the field worker;
  • Preserving Culture, No. Strengthen it instead;
  • Politics and Mobilization Training, roles of politics in community empowerment;
  • Know when to fold 'em, sometimes it is necessary to walk away;
  • Eight Elements of The Empowerment Methodology;
  • Kindness Kills help can be unfortunate;
  • Human factor and community empowerment ;
  • Go to the People, poem by Lao Tsu.

Guest Papers

  • Gaining Community Ownership, by Ben Flemming;
  • PAPA, by Kamal Phuyal.