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Malnutrition that affects children everywhere, can be reduced or eliminated through innovation, communication and education.

  • community organizations
  • need - access to information, training, mobilizers, support
  • experience, success stories
  • resources

CIS2 Community Service Learning project

Search the web for sites that describe solutions to world nutrition issues.

  • childhood malnutrition
  • obesity in poor families
  • food distribution restrictions
  • dietary restriction
  • nutrition and culture
  • access to clean water
  • nutrition education

For example, the Peanut Butter Project is an example of an innovative solution to childhood malnutrition. This program shows that community partnerships can successfully address these problems.

For each resource you find, include the web address and the page title, region effected, write a brief description about the significance of the web site in the context of World Nutrition. Add your work below.


success stories, projects in progress, results

  • Peanut Butter Project - a revolutionary and inexpensive solution to the childhood malnutrition crisis with production facilities in Malawi and Sierra Leone, two African countries with child mortality rates among the world's highest.
    • similar project in Haiti - narrated slideshow


Nutrition Education

lesson plans, examples of community programs


  • Friends of African Village Libraries