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World of Warcraft (WoW) - guild, class, level, how many, end game raid, pug - pick-up group, reign guild

John Seely Brown

  • What transferable life skills are developed through play - John Seely Brown comment


community, socialization, leadership, markets and economies, death and taxes

  • Corrupted Blood epidemic began on September 13, 2005. After a few days, Corrupted Blood had become World of Warcraft's version of the Black Death, rendering entire cities uninhabitable and causing players to avoid large clusters of others, and in many cases, causing players to avoid major cities altogether.
    • social chaos - players responded as they might in the real world: some risked infection to save others. Some fled. And some spread the disease intentionally.]
  • quasi-criminal nature of gold-farming made it hard to truly gauge its extent


  • scaffolding - strategic assistance involves engaging the learner’s interest, keeping focused on the goal, limiting choices, providing pertinent information to compete a task, and managing frustration

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