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deployment countries, - should link to

OLPC project need for translation - community service learning Pootle

slideshow 1-2 slide intro OLPC, how translation and Pootle fit in a couple of the explanation boxes and where the pointers go are a bit confusing reminder about being registered if no submit button ? something additional about the special character sequences with %

Pootle documentation

PO-based Online Translation / Localization Engine ? what is PO-based

translating with Pootle - overview what you see, what you need to do, fuzzy then... reviewed, approved by, integrated into

  • registration
  • login and user page setup
  • choose a language
  • select a project


Students should ideally work on Glucose, Honey and Fructose, and more enthusiastic ones (or the ones whose languages are already well supported) can move on to Etoys and Scratch.

--- problems

1. Pootle account — by default, anonymous users aren't allowed to translate, so you need to register first.

2. Pootle language — in order to to have 'access' to a given project you need to have a language in your user options that is associated to the project

3. Pootle project — you must have the project in your list of projects in your user options in order to be considered as a non-anonymous translator

4. Language+Project rights — although projects are relatively open (suffices to be registered to be able to translate) those rights are specified by the administrator. If all of the above are satisfied please ask your language administrator(s) or ask in the mailing list.