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Fish depletion

  • potentially catastrophic
  • fish species decline and crash history
  • over-fishing
  • habitat destruction
  • farming not the answer
  • unsustainable protein source
  • only source of protein for much of world's population
  • tragedy of the commons
  • technology advancements accelerating the problems
  • heavy government support of fishing industry
  • unregulated international waters
  • secondary repercussions

perhaps not too late

  • awareness
  • steps being taken
  • successes and failures
  • marine-life reserves
  • no-fishing zones
  • aquaculture involving vegetarian fish

Organizations, publications

  • Marine Conservation Biology Institute
  • Aquatic Conservation - journal
  • World Conservation Union (IUCN)


  • Ocean Fish Depletion by 2048? - Reuters reports that a shocking study published in Science found that ocean life and seafood could be depleted by as early as 2048. The scientific data also indicates that marine biodiversity has already crashed by as much as 29% since 1960. ..November 6, 2006
  • Government subsidies drive deep-sea fish depletion - "Eliminating global subsidies would render these fleets economically unviable and would relieve tremendous pressure on over-fishing and vulnerable deep-sea ecosystems," said Sumaila, an economist. ..February 18, 2007