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Online Teaching and Learning (OTL09) - What is this? What are you trying to accomplish? What's the point?

  • model an informal learning experience for educators using the social forum facility of Moodle
    • course is hosted at WikiMoodle - Moodle for WikiEducators
  • demonstrate techniques for recruiting participation
    • weekly topic announcement postings to WikiEducator Google groups (500+ subscribers)

Online Teaching and Learning (OTL) Collaboration

A collaboration and an in-formal workshop or un-course - an online place were participants exchange experiences on ways of integrating technology into instruction and learning. Please share your thoughts on what has worked or not worked for you as a teacher or learner or for others you know or heard about.

The OTL Collaboration is an ongoing discussion forum. However, to add some structure, the theme of the Chickering and Gameson' Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education will be used.

A new topic will be introduced each week. Each topic will run for 2 weeks - adequate time to have some quality discussions on important topics in online teaching and learning.

  • 1. Encourage student-faculty contact (Feb 12 - Feb 26)
  • 2. Encourage cooperation among students (Feb 19 - Mar 5)
  • 3. Encourage active/engaged learning (Feb 26 - Mar 12)
  • 4. Give prompt feedback (Mar 5 - Mar 19)

The WikiEducator Moodle course is the place for these discussions to take place. The WE brand gives them credibility. The discussions are organized and enduring. The workshop can even have other cohorts go through, benefit from the discussions from previous sessions and add to the existing information.

Online Teaching and Learning

WikiEducator Moodle course management system

Please join the discussions.

Over time this becomes a very effective topical resource. This part works - I have had 2 cohorts go through our college course. Folks in the second cohort really enjoyed learning from colleagues who had worked through the discussions 6 months earlier.

The postings in the WikiEducator Google groups forum are reminders and invitations to encourage WE google group readers that the discussions in Moodle are moving to the next topic and everyone is welcome to join in.