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Session Dates Learning pathway E-Activities Comments
Wed 18 & Thu 19 June Orientation OERu survey
Activity 0.1
Submit the new OERu learner survey. Establish your PLE and declare yourself.
Fri 20 & Mon 23 June Why open matters 1st Learning reflection Post your learning reflection for Session 1.
Tue 24 & Wed 25 June Defining OER 2nd Learning reflection Post your learning reflection for Session 2.
Thu 26 & Fri 27 June Copyright: Your rights to copy
Copyright case study

Activity 3.1
Complete case study and post MCQ copyright questions.
Mon 30 June & Tues 1 July Creative Commons unplugged
Remix game

Activity 4.1
Review the remix game and publish your remix blog post.
Wed 2 & Thu 3 July The right license 3rd Learning reflection Post your learning reflection for Session 5.


I am blogging about the course at

Coursework, comments

  • 2014.6.29 - Yikes - I'm just seeing the menu bar for the first time! Was it there all along? This is sooo MUCH better. So far it is working well. Great addition. The course was pretty confusing without it - dead ends, paths to

nowhere, ... Now it all makes sense, flows, next/previous, dropdown menus, ... And it looks good - neat, functional, big enough to be clear and readable without taking a lot of screen real estate. Awesome!

  • 2014.6.20 - this is pretty confusing - I understand the basic idea, but I would prefer a different presentation. Having my own personal "course" outline is nice, but unfortunately, there isn't enough connection to work for me. Need more information about structure and how pages relate, better navigation to return to main page. Looks like lots of general purpose pages are linked but not clear how these relate to subject and content. Takes me back to a very old discussion / debate about what is an OER - how reusable must it be? How much context is provided within the OER? If this is open education and personal learning, I don't think it is ready for prime time.