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Minecraft wiki - Education project - vocabulary, Engineering, basic skills - from learn/teach



  • 2012.12.4 - Water Cycle - Minecraft used to explain the Water Cycle - student project, 5th grade science curriculum

  • 2012.05.11 - The Minecraft projects went great. They were presented at the national Ford PAS Next Generation Learning Symposium in Palm Springs last month and were a huge hit. Jenny and Janet went out to the symposium and the kids skyped in and presented the projects. It was really cool! --DU


gaming and simulation basics [research, discussion] - history, examples, design / development process, tools / engines / programming languages, review criteria, developer job specs

  • simulations - MERLOT

specific subject each week - Technology, Spanish, Come Fly With Me, Pocket / mobile, ...

  • I know...
  • search / discussion for weekly topic
  • weekly activity design - engineering process, quiz to structure deliveable, demo
  • test drive, feedback - someone else's activity design from previous week - assign 2-3 reviewers - collaboration, small group work, presentation, suggestions
  • big project - one step of engineering process each week
  • project management - process deliverable each week - gantt chart, resources, critical path, estimates, actuals
  • weekly log - things worked on this week, learn / teach
  • reflection - thinking things, I learned from that
  • extra credit - Diigo entries, tutorials, show-and-tell, MC vocabulary lists - English, Spanish. Pocket


mcWiki / Minecraft forums

  • MC wiki project - education
  • basic skills repository - eg. little wall building demo, with the 3 main ways of quickly building (run back, jump and build, 2 layer quick click)
  • server settings / mods - generally good for education, required for specific activities
  • forums - education ? as a separate topic

copy of mcwikied --Valerie Taylor 17:26, 20 November 2011 (UTC)

French ==

Français Minecraft Wiki http://fr.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Minecraft_Wiki:Projets

Spanish ==

MC@S projects - student designed activities


  • work in Spanish - Minecraft vocabulary, tutorials in Spanish
  • build a house - signs, vocabulary
  • cultural - town, fiesta, agriculture, monuments, museum, art


  • ESL examples
  • Volusia curriculum maps
  • Minecraft-appropriate problems
  • Spanish tutorials - vocabulary for skills, tools, scenario
  • resources list -


  • Activity - template
  • plan, tasks, dates - Portfolios
  • forum - engineering notebook
  • preparation - in-game, users
  • Users Guide / tutorial - Minecraft Wiki


  • what works, what didn't, CBB, nice to have - follow-on project outlines

Learn more...

  •  ? Minecraft Wiki - Spanish translation project

History ==

World (9), American (10), American Government (12) - ? same basic topics, 3 different perspectives, emphasis

  • WWII - significant dates - Pearl Harbor, D-Day, V-J Day - scenario, artifacts
  • recovery - industrialization

Math ==

  • Khan Academy lessons > mc activities

Science ==

  • technology / physics - bridges
  • Come Fly With Me - life, earth, physical

Redstone ==

  • technology / programming / computer science

Assigned projects ==

Mini projects : Fri 18 nov - ASSIGNED: Tues 15 Nov, 2011 - Forum > Projects - DUE: Friday 18 Nov 2011

for your project outlined in the on-campus session Tues 15 Nov, write an entry in the forum that includes

  • Identify the problem: give your project a title, and describe the activity in a couple of sentences, include background information needed for the activity to be tied into a specific subject and topic
  • Explore: provide a learning outcome - subject, specific lesson that users will learn as they do the activity, how will they know they learned this
  • Design: describe any preparation, Minecraft setup, special knowledge / materials students will need
  • Create: make a demo - may be something in game or instructions for doing an activity asociated with specific game play - screen shots, video, examples - include if appropriate
  • Try it out: include a "walk thru" - a list of the steps a student would take as they did the activity you created, will other users learn what you thought they would
  • Make it better: make a list of ideas that would make this better if you had more time, more mods, more ...

If you have questions, please ask. Just "reply" to this discussion. You should have some questions. This is pretty new and we need to figure out the best way to discuss the projects, even if we can't meet in person everytime some question comes up.

Personal public page - ASSIGNED : 2011.11.18 . . Due : Tues 22 Nov

The Portfolio provides an easy-to-use web page creation tool. Try it out and create your own personal public page - allow everyone to view it.

Looking for

  • a publicly viewable page
  • include several different components to demonstrate the features that are available and how you can use them
  • updated profile, include picture

Basic skills

There are plenty of basic skills that will help Minecraft users to have a better in-game experience. Collecting existing tutorials and creating new ones are important to providing educational users with a welcoming and productive learning environment.

  • “recipes” for basic objects
  • list of basic skills with brief description of each

Looking for

  • links to existing tutorials with brief description of the skill and why this is important to know, and how you would use this skill
  • storyboard for a new tutorial - skill, steps to learning the skill - script outline, drawing for visuals

Learn more...

  • Minecraft tutorials

Template : Activity ==

  • project title
  • description of the activity in a couple of sentences, include background information needed for the activity to be tied into a specific subject and topic
  • learning outcome - subject, specific lesson that users will learn as they do the activity, how will they know they learned this
  • any preparation, Minecraft setup, special knowledge / materials students will need
  • instructions for doing an activity asociated with specific game play
  • ideas that would make this better if you had more time, more mods, more ...
  • resources, references

  • rubric, supplementary example/resources (to show students what each product looks/feels like) and some modeling tips for teachers. Later on, would be good to get some trouble-shooting tips from teachers who have tried this (along with student feedback about what they liked or didn't like/struggled with). [1]

Project ideas

Big project : Develop activity environment

Develop the environment for a specific Activity that requires substantial Minecraft development work. This is a collaborative effort and will be managed as a formal project - work breakdown, tasks, resources, timeline, critical path, milestones, status reports, resource tracking, directed by the project manager.

Activities: Come fly with me

  • Come fly with me - pick one and draft outline activity

Come Fly With Me - Exploring Science K-6 and 7-9 through aviation and aerospace concepts.

Based on the work of David and Doreen Housel for the Michigan Aeronautics Commission. Many of the lessons are based on educational materials from NASA and a variety of aerospace companies, and are used with permission.

Using Come Fly With Me Activities

The 150+ activities explore science through aviation and aerospace concepts. There are activities for a wide range of science curriculum topics and grade levels. Some activities are simple, single lesson plans while others require equipment, preparation and cover a number of sessions.


Looking for

  • engineering process steps to develop outline
  • activity outline for one of the CFWM activities - any grade level
  • include learning outcome, activity description, preparation / setup, directions
  • estimate of time to develop MC setup / environment
  • interest factor - for developer, for learner

Day 1==

  • proposal
  • engineering process - identify the problem. explore. design. create. try it out. make it better
  • groups / projects
  • deliverables - blog, code, screen shots, user guide
  • curriculum lesson - learning outcome, teacher background information, procedure, extension

Proposal Review==

  • review the proposal. Who has a copy? Where is it? Can everyone access it?

Problem - find a couple of "learning activities" that would be easy to build as a demonstration of "Minecraft @ School". Are any of the proposed activities easy to build? Can any learning outcomes be broken down or simplified to be a demo or a prototype?

  • Due: Monday
  • Materials: Minecraft proposal. Portfolios discussion forum. Engineering process.
  • Deliverable: Blog post, discussion participation - brainstorming, strategizing, description of options
  • Explore - review the proposal, pick out specific learning activities,
  • Design - rate by interest and difficulty, select 2-3 activities to explore further,
  • Create - write a plan outline for developing the demo activity, keep track of work - discussions, ideas, decisions ** "what" not "how"
  • Try it out - present the plan outline, critique - good ideas, needs work, could be better
  • Make it better - revise plan outline

Assignments 1-3

  • quick, low stakes, process walk-thru - show work, deadline, deliverables, CBB assessment / evaluation / revision
  • x 2-3 - work together, individual submissions

Teaching and learning

  • changes to the core game to make it more suitable for the classroom. Chief among these was making students invulnerable to damage while playing, so that they couldn't die in the game. [2]
  • away from the game, .. explains the goals for the day. Then they go to work, often in pre-built worlds created by Levin which feature specific tasks to accomplish or puzzles to solve. But they always need to work together. [3]
  • different preset activities. Or you can go off and create your own content. That alone gives me a ton of freedom to invent content for the kids to engage in. I don't let them just play the game however they want. They must follow a path I lay out for them, which allows me to carry out lesson plans. [4]


  • group work, collaboration - task groups of two or three students to build a structure with limited resources
  • math, technical drawing - 3x3x3 space [5]
  • investigate a mysterious pyramid, figuring out how to get inside while at the same time not disturbing the various treasures it contained. Some of the groups ended up building museums to house the contents of the pyramid.
  • language learning - working together on building project [6]
  • history, geography - student-built sustainable village [7]



  • kids work - proposals, curriculum integration
  • Minecraft Enterprise-D - amazing movie tour of a Minecraft "project" - note description of how it was done transforming plans into structure with Minecraft building tools

lesson plans, curriculum ideas

  • programming - logic gates in mechanisms
  • physics - water flow, knocking down stuff
  • geology, geography - mining, core, layers, subterranean water
  • math - scaling
  • group work - planning, creating - grander scale that practical for individual


  • demonstrate a solution for one or more of the UN Millennium Development Goals - poverty, education, women’s empowerment, maternal health and the environment
  • create world, objects, game / lessons for specific curriculum units eg. physics - momentum, mass, friction

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