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  1. Prepare_Materials_and_Self
  2. Teaching - prepared with Leanne for GreenHealth
  3. Feedback and Assessment

Prepare Materials and Self

Syllabus and schedule

Write class syllabus and schedule

  • groups of 3-4 students form in Week 7, then work together in Weeks 8-10 to prepare a wiki presentation on the stopic they select for their project

Grading rubric

Specify grading rubric standards, guidelines and points for student work

  • overall grade for the final presentation - content, originality, accuracy - see rubric (60%)
  • individual contribution to presentation - based on allocation of team points by others on the team, project group discussion participation, wiki collaboration (40%)

Enabling technologies

Decide on enabling technologies for assignment submission, instructor feedback & communication

  • assignment submission - Moodle assignments,
  • instructor feedback - assignment feedback, Moodle messages, Moodle forum discussion posts
  • group communication - Moodle discussion forum, Moodle messages, Moodle chat

Review cycles and deadlines

Determine review cycles and deadlines

  • weekly individual status reports - Week 8, 9 and 10
  • final project due date - end of Week 10


Think about what skills students have to have before starting scenario

  • preparation - several mini group projects as orientation and skills development
  • group project guidelines - assignment to review
  • create account and add profile
  • add group work suggestions to class wiki page


Supplement existing resources in the scenario website

  • Group projects guidelines
  • Need to know - Facts, Assumptions, Questions, Resources


  1. Teaching - prepared with Leanne for GreenHealth

Feedback and Assessment

Hi Dave

Thanks for filling in while I'm away in Tahiti. The Assignment will be to research ways to promote more environmentally friendly food sources and present the findings as a wiki page. Source: GreenHealth


A few sample questions

Real rubrics

May want to add one technical content learning outcome too

What kinds of websites; what kind of qualities: richness


Table 1:

Primary learning goals of the scenario Student process observed (e.g., teamwork activities, presentations, online discussion threads) Types of feedback Dave should give to the students regarding these observations
Research and analysis finding web sites, writing summary of content, asking other students questions, asking instructor for clarification suggest other search keywords, ask questions about content
Presentation and communication updating wiki page, posting to discussion suggest for content presentation development, questions about discussions

Table 2:

Primary learning goals of the scenario Student work products reviewed (e.g., written reports, computations, diagrams, designs) Types of feedback Dave should give to the students regarding these work products
Research and analysis versions of web page, stepwise refinement questions, presentation
Presentation and communication outline, draft, peer review feedback, final version wiki page, discussion posts format of links, citation conventions, clarity of summary information