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  • name
  • interest
  • skill, something you are good at
  • money management score
    0 - don't know much
    1 - some idea
    2 - pretty good

Getting started

Junior Achievement

  • JA in a Day - 6 sessions, workbook
  • big idea, key words
  • activity - groups, games
  • learn more... discuss, look up, ask
  • I think... hard questions, no easy answers

Session One: Mirror, Mirror

choices, self-knowledge, skills, interests, values, world of work, education, career, life choices

  • Choices - pick one
  • People, Data, Things, Ideas
  • What's important? Says who?

Session Two: Choose Your Success

connections - personal finance, education, career options, consequence

  • Choose Your Success game
  • I want to be... - average salary, education required, cost of education
  • Stay in school? Why? Why not? How to decide?

Decision making

  1. Define the decision
  2. Brainstorm
  3. Evaluate solutions
  4. Choose the "best" option
  5. Make a plan and take action
  6. Review results

Session Three: Keeping Your Balance

occupation, monthly salary, income, gross, net, budget, spending, saving, opportunity cost

  • Occupation Cards - monthly salaries, budget
  • How much does it cost to... feed a family, pay rent/mortgage, make a car payment, pay monthly cell phone bill
  • Need or want? What's the difference?

Session Four: Savvy Shopper

consumers, pay for goods and services, cash, check, debit, credit, credit card, loan, interest, cost of credit

  • Savvy Shopper game
  • Do the math. Interest calculations
  • Now or later? Think about it.
Cash $150
Credit $180
Clearance $30

Cash $50
Credit $60
Clearance $30

Cash $20
Credit $24
Clearance $30

Cash $50
Credit $60
Clearance $30

Cash $100
Credit $120
Clearance $30







Session Five: Keeping Score

credit, credit score, credit report, consequences - positive, negative

  • Keeping Score game
  • Would I lend money to me?

Session Six: What’s the Risk

risk, insurance, loss, injury, emergency, deductible, co-pay, policy, premium, opportunity cost

  • What's At Risk
  • What would we do if... tree fell on car, broke your arm
  • Take a chance? Risk averse? Which are you? Worst case? Best case?

Big ideas

  • skills, interests, values, work - Things, Data, People, Ideas
  • decision making, "trade-offs", opportunity costs
  • needs, wants, expenses - immediate, future, unplanned, emergencies
  • income, gross, net, deductions, budget, spend, save, debt, loans, interest, repayment, credit score, credit report
  • risk, insurance, consequences

Take home

  • CD, newsletter
  • discuss these ideas with family, friends
  • ask for help if you need it
  • think about your interests, skills, values, work-type preferences
  • practice decision-making

What's next

  • explore skills, interests, values, and the world of work
  • make informed education, career, and life decisions
  • apply your knowledge of personal finance, needs versus wants
  • practice sound money management, regardless of income