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Engineering is...

CIS2 students respond - 2014.07

There are many different kinds of Engineering projects and jobs. Link to a site that provides interesting information about Engineering and describe why you selected this site.

  • - The Burj Dubai when completed will be the tallest building in the world. This amazing destination is also the home of 'The World'. Man made islands shaped like the continents of the world and also the 'Palm Island'. I find that the engineering of such massive projects like these are just amazing and sometimes unimaginable, but it seems anything is possible in Dubai. When completed the Burj Dubai will stand at 2,684 ft (reported) making it the tallest building in the world.
  • This site provides a list of the various engineering fields prospective students can choose to go into. Clicking on each of the major gives a description of what students will be doing once they graduate. Engineers go on to do different work, depending on their jobs. For example, the work a Civil Engineer does is not the same as an Electrical Engineer. I chose this site because it provides a good overview of what the various fields of engineering are and because the school has a pretty good program.
  • I selected this website because it's so interesting to look at it and explore about Engineering. It has some interesting points of view that were useful for me to read. The site has a great and attractive design as well!
  • This page talks about wages in different occupations,professions and inconsistencies about whysome people earn much more than others, to reach the point of asking if the engineers are being overpaid. If you want to know how much earn our President, a CEO, or you want to know what are the 10 most overpaid jobs in the country, you should check this page because there you will find all these and many other professions.
  • The blog that ranked world's five most expensive engineering project broaden my horizon on infrastructures . Expensive project often trigger controversial discussions on the impact of local environment, economics and social loss, which can be read from the readers' feedback and comments. The Yucca Mountain Nuclear Respiratory Project is one of the contentious issue because it threatens the public safety.
  • It has everything one needs to know about the AAAS - American Association for the Advancement of Science, about the world of engineering and technology plus information about career as an engineer.
  • I selected this site because I think is a good site to look at if you want to become an engineer or just get information about what they do. In this site you can find many information about engineers like how much they get paid, how their work environment is, how many jobs are there available and many more things.