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Community Service Leadership

FOC08 Mini Conference planning notes


Communities with shared interests and ideals may include, but are not limited to, groups of like-minded individuals, not-for-profit organizations, non-government agencies, educational and academic institutions, with access to online communications, without regard to physical proximity.

Community Leadership Development is an online, open education and skills development program for individuals and groups working with community-based organizations to provide leadership training, needs assessment and planning, coordination and management of projects to benefit the community. Participants are encouraged to continue to communicate and collaborate with the facilitators and other cohorts of Community Service Leadership participants.

This is what we are planning to offer. Are we on the right track? Please complete this survey. Please encourage friends and associates to complete the survey as well.

We will publish the information gathered during the Mini Conference ??? Further discussions are planned based on the survey results.

  • who needs this information? why?
  • would they participate in an online community "course"?
  • would they want to stay connected to others in their cohort? in the community of participants?
  • would others not actually in the course be interested? who are they? what are their interests?
  • are there other courses like this available? links? requirements? cost? open / closed?
  • what information exists - links?
    • leadership
    • community service
    • community service leadership
  • stories, examples - links to information about community leaders, their visions, accomplishments, details for the process to achieve these results and lessons learned

Conference schedule

  • open survey and invite all FOC08 participants, friends to complete the survey
  • tabulate and report on the survey results

  • general discussions about community service and leadership
  • daily discussion questions about one of the topics in the outline
  • collect, categorize and distribute links to related resources - OERs, reference, support organizations, associations

  • blogs - facilitators, participants, daily summary posting
  • live sessions? start? close?