12. Peer reviews

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Now it's time to say goodbye. Take some time to go back to Week 1 and read what your and other students wrote about your starting point and expectations for the course. We have all come a long way - so much new information and many new experiences. I hope that you enjoyed the ride. I know I did. I wish you all every success in your formal education and your lifelong learning. I know it is so California but it is so true - Thanks for sharing!

Learning outcomes

  • provide a critical review of peer group final project deliverables
  • compare the work of others groups against the requirements


  • critical thinking, constructive criticism, peer review criteria

Selected media

  • project requirements, grading rubric

Study questions

  • What did I get out of the the course? What did I put into the course? Was I an active participant? Did I benefit from the interactions with other students?
  • Did I take advantage of the opportunity provided to direct my own learning within the framework of the course topics?
  • What could I have done differently?


  1. The final assignment for this course is your opportunity to review and critique the final projects for other groups. Review the Final Projects from each group. What did they do that you liked? How did they address the project requirements?
    Provide feedback on at least 2 projects as a numerical score and notes about your rating. Rate each project on a scale of 1 to 5. To determine the score, identify 5 characteristics of each project (good and bad). If there are 3 good things and 2 not-so-good things about the project, give it a rating of 3/5. Do this for both projects you select. Post your reviews to the Peer Review and Feedback discussion.
    Remember, we are looking for constructive criticism.

  2. Review the Collaboration and Group Projects student guide and comment. Were the suggestions helpful to you and your project group? Is there anything that you would add based on your experience working in online groups in the class? The Collaboration Feedback discussion is an opportunity to provide additional feedback on collaboration, now that the final project is finished. Although this is similar to a previous assignment, you should have new information with the additional experience.

  3. Complete the Personal Learning Tools Questionnaire. What online tools did you use to do coursework? Do you like this course format? Your feedback is appreciated.

  4. Did the course activities provide you with the opportunity to explore areas of personal interest within the general course topic framework? Did you take advantage of that? Did other students' posts direct you to resources that were interesting and/or informative? Do you have questions about Personal Learning? In the Personal Learning discussion, post a note about your personal learning experience and questions you have about personal learning in an online course.

  5. Go back to the Week 1 discussion and review your own Introductions and expectations posting. What do you think? Were your expectations met? What did you do that helped you achieve your goals for this course? Is there anything that you might have done differently throughout the quarter? Post a 1-2 paragraph summary of your thoughts in the final I Think... assignment.

  6. Last chance - submit X. Extra Credit assignments to improve your overall course grade.

  7. If you want to say goodbye to your group and classmates, please do in the Thanks and best wishes forum.

Thanks to everyone for all your hard work.

Best wishes.