11. Final projects

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11. Final projects

For the Final Project, you will be working collaboratively in small groups to research and present lists of reviewed resources for CIS50 topics. Working collaboratively at a distance is challenging. This project is intended to give you an opportunity to use skills and technology to work through the process to produce a web-delivered presentation.

Learning outcomes

  • experience online collaborative writing
  • complete collaborative tasks with deadlines


  • collaboration

Selected media


Study questions

  • How is online collaboration different from in-class group work?
  • What are some of the ways to improve communication within the group?
  • What are some of the ways that online group work can get off track?



For the Final Project, groups of 2-3 students work together to prepare a public wiki page that is a reference list for the course.

Winter 2012 Final Projects

  • Work Groups - You pick your own group (3 maximum). To form groups, use the Final Project Groups Choice in the Final Project section to join a group. Start working on the Project now. Make contact using the Final Project discussion and work out a plan for the project.

  • Individual work - Create a section on the group wiki page for your work and include all your selections. For each of the ten (10) topics in the course, provide links to references that have been useful for understanding and advancing your knowledge of the course topic. There should be a minimum of five (5) references for each topic. Note the source of each - Selected Media list, discussions, new searches. Include a description of why you selected each reference.

    For each of the ten (10) topics in the course, provide links to references that have been useful for understanding and advancing your knowledge of the course topic. These may be links you researched, links provided by other students or in the course Selected Media lists. You are also encouraged to do some additional research - now that you know more, some other links might provide even better information about the topic. These can be any type of resources - ones you wish had been there from beginning - textbook, articles, media - lectures, other video, examples, assignments, reading, open textbooks, podcasts, diagrams.

    Yes, this means that everyone will provide 50 resources - 5 for each of the 10 topics. This your personal learning network - links to the resources that you selected for each topic from your own research. Wikipedia entries are acceptable but don't demonstration much initiative. There are 1000s of informative resources about all these topics, so you are encouraged to explore and discover some that are appropriate to expanding your understanding of the topic and are particularly interesting to you.

  • Collaboration - THEN : As a group pick the "best" two references for each of the ten (10) course topics, and describe the criteria for selecting these two from your combined lists for each of the topics.

  • In the Final Projects forum, post all your group discussions as replies to your project Group discussion. This is a good way to keep the group communications organized and available to all. Review the references and descriptions and comment in your group, adding your thoughts about the reference selections and provide feedback to improve or enhance the Final Project page content for your group. Combine your ideas and work together as outlined in the Group project guidelines.

  • Due Monday - a list of 5 or more suggestions for "best" article for each of the 10 topics covered in the course from each group member. Each person in the group contributes references and descriptions. Add references and descriptions to the wiki page for your project group.
    Individual work - 5 resources for each of 10 topics (50 links total per student.)

  • Due Thursday - in the discussion forum for your group, discuss suggestions, pick 2 articles for each for the ten topics, giving reasons for your selection, and "publish" these on the CIS50 Final Project page for your group.
    Group collaboration - 2 "best" resources for each of 10 topics selected by the group through discussion. Group page neatly and considetently formatted.

Final Project submission

  1. Respond to the Final Project Summary quiz to provide information about the collaboration and your participation in your project. This is important. This is how your individual grade for the project is determined.

  2. Group Project Grade - What was your favorite topic? What was the ONE resource that taught you the most about computers, data processing and applications? Check back here for your group grade based on your Instructor's review of your group's Final Project page. Your grade and review feedback will be recorded here.