10. Technology advances and trends

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10. Technology advances and trends

The need for Information Systems continues. Advances in technology open up opportunities for new applications, businesses and services. There have been some surprises - personal computers, the internet, multi-purpose mobile devices have replaced telephones, just to name a few. But wait, there's more...

Learning outcomes

  • work collaboratively online using technology and computers as the primary form of communication
  • experience the logistical requirements for producing a web-delivered presentation with internal and external deadlines
  • explore and discuss multiple opinions expressed on the web
  • produce a compelling web-based presentation using technology tools available


  • technology advances and social trends - art and music, identity, privacy / public-ness, access / disabilities, environment, climate change, digital divide, wearable computing, [second life virtual worlds], healthcare

Selected media

  • Information Systems (CC-BY) - Chapter 16. Green IS: Building sustainable business practices, Chapter 17. Moving forward as a systems innovator
  • Optional - Tomorrow's Technology and You - Chapter
  • "A Day Made of Glass 2" - Corning's expanded vision for the future of glass technologies. This video continues the story of how highly engineered glass, with companion technologies, will help shape our world.


Study questions

  • What are some of the areas where information systems are contributing to "green"?
  • How do you think these information systems advances will impact you personally?


  1. Before you start the reading and the assignments, take a few minutes to think about what you already know about the topic - Technology advances and trends. Write a sentence or two about this in the I know... discussion.

  2. Read, view, listen to the selections in the Suggested media list for this module.

  3. View the video Future of Technology (Apr 7, 2009). The video is old but well done. If you find something similar and newer, please include a link to the video. There are lots of facts and figures, but why are these particular facts important? Are there other facts that should have been included so we would better understand what is happening with technology? Post a comment about one fact and why it is important. Also post a discussion question to the Future considerations discussion forum. Read 2-3 other reviews and comment on their evaluations, and reply to their discussion questions and end your reply with a follow-on question.

  4. Choose 3 words from the Keywords list for this module. Find a web article that provides information about the words and how they relates to the course. Post the words, links to your selected web articles, and a brief description about your selection for each, to the discussion Technology advances and trends keywords. Follow links provided by 3 other students, review their suggested articles, and write a brief reply to the author for each.

  5. Have you seen some new and exciting technology that we haven't talked about? Looking to technology today and beyond, there are new applications, new software tools and new directions in information technology. Select a web site that is an example of where we are going. Is there some new application that you and your friends have just started using? Is there new software that has been in the news as the hot new thing? Are there uses of technology that you would like to see? How will this have a big impact our lives and our use of technology? Post a link to the site and describe your selection in the What's new and important? discussion forum.

  6. Design challenge - Advances in new materials are enabling some interesting possibilities of combining fabric and electronics to produce wearable computing. Are their other future trends in computing and information systems that you would like to see? Suggest some specific future trends that you might incorporate into your Lifecycle information system in 2-3 sentences. Post your reply to the discussion topic Design for the Future.

  7. Information System Lifecycle Project - Finally, you have considered everything that needs to go into your system, the development and testing are complete. Everyone is excited and you are ready to celebrate your system Launch. What are you going to do to "go live" - media announcements, rollout at a trade show? How are you going to let your users and customer know that you are up and running? Any last minute thoughts or preparations? How will you know when your system is performing well? What are your success criteria? Post this information to the discussion topic Lifecycle - System Launch. Review other system launches and celebrate with their creators!

  8. FINAL PROJECT : Overview - For the Final Project, you will be working collaboratively in small groups to research and present lists of reviewed resources for CIS50 topics. Working collaboratively at a distance is challenging. This project is intended to give you an opportunity to use skills and technology to work through the process to produce a public web page.
    See topic 11. Final Projects for more information and links to Final Projects Forum and Final Project Groups pages.

  9. FINAL PROJECT : Work Groups - Working collaboratively is a key element of the project process. Groups can out-perform individuals, even online. See 11. Final Projects for information about forming groups. If you don't choose to work in a group, you will not receive the collaboration portion of the Final Project grade that accounts for 50% of the Final Project grade.

  10. FINAL PROJECT : Getting started - Start working on the Final Project now. Pick a group. Check in with the discussion forum for your group. Start adding references to the Final Project Group page for your group. These can start immediately. You need to COMPLETE the work next week. The project work is a collaboration - everyone in in the group contributes to the content of the group page and to the selection of the "best" resources for each of the ten course topics.

  11. Reflection - What was ONE important thing you learned this week? What was ONE point that was not clear? Your response should be two or three paragraphs. Submit to I Think... assignment.

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