CIS 2 Computers and the Internet in Society

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  • CIS 2 syllabus

Ideas for WikiEducator projects from student comments

  • mobile learning - mp3, cell phone
  • locating good OERs by grade level, subject / category, rating, reviews - database, clearinghouse
  • promote access to OERs and repositories of locations with categories, reviews and ratings

Students say...

  • There are just not many software out there that target the college level education level. Sure, we have like 100 titles of "Let's learn the ABC's" but beyond that, the rest of us young adults are left to read books. Most other software are "too" educational, meaning it feels like another lecture when you use them on the computer. I believe the gaming aspect of computers can be better used for education at the higher level. Instead of playing "WOW", the game World of Warcraft, we need tittles like, World of Calculus! Make users solve some math problems and earn weapons and gold. That way at least we get some meaningful practice while we play games.

  • Some many people listern to digital music, like mp3, it will be a good idea to have music as and educational tool. Instead of the gang banging music we have today, which is just simply awful, we should have music inspired lessons. Why can't those rappers make biology sound good, or make math easy, when they are just wasting time with hate and death.

  • So my idea for educational uses for recreational technology isn't anything too new or exciting. I was thinking it would be cool if there would be some way to insert educational content on an mp3 player between songs. I realize this is possible with some careful organization of playlists but if there was some way to make it easier; like just having to upload one file for the educational content and have it play something everytime the song changes. Like I said it is a very simple idea, but with the amount of time people are spending listening to mp3 players these days there could be a fair amount of learning happening as well.