CIS2 - Computers and Society SUMMER 2012 Final Project Group B

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CIS2 - Computers and Society SUMMER 2012 Final Project Group B

Group B - Best resources


VARK Questionnaire This is a questionnaire that assesses one's learning style and helps people choose which approach they should take regarding education. We chose this because everyone can benefit from knowing and understanding his or her learning style. Also, an individual's learning style can determine whether or not online education, which is growing in popularity within society, is suited to the individual.

Academic Integrity, Copyright, Fair Use and Plagiarism This is a WikiEducator page that details the basics of academic integrity, copyright, fair use, and plagiarism. The page contains numerous resources and articles that further explain each of the four topics. Due to the nature of computers and the Internet, these issues have become quite serious, and affect a large part of society. A resource such as this one allows people to be better informed about these topics, so that they can avoid committing plagiarism.

Privacy and Freedom of Speech

FTC Identity Theft This is the FTC's site concerning identity theft. The site provides both information about the types of identity theft and steps to take if you have experienced identity theft. We chose this because identity theft is a serious issue, aided by the rapid growth of computers and the Internet. The information provided by the FTC is reputable and useful in protecting oneself from becoming a victim of identity theft.

Internet Censorship = End of Freedom of Speech? This is an interesting video and take on Internet censorship and how it will eventually end freedom of speech. This 30 minute documentary contains answers to nearly every question we had regarding censorship, and presented a large amount of information. Although it is a perspective that has been widely discussed, this resource provides unique viewpoints regarding censorship.

Intellectual Property

10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained This is an article that explains and corrects 11 common misconceptions regarding copyright. Because of the large amount of information and articles that currently exist on the Internet, copyright is becoming an issue in an increasing amount of cases. We selected this because the information it presents is key in preventing much of the copyright violation that currently occurs.

Intellectual Property on the Internet - This site contains a vast amount of facts and information regarding intellectual property on the Internet. We chose this site because the information it contains is very detailed and specific, and it virtually eliminates any uncertainty about the idea of intellectual property.


SonicWALL Phishing IQ Test This is a 10 question quiz that tests one's ability to distinguish a phishing email from a legitimate one. The results can often be surprising, and the quiz illustrates just how difficult it really is to identify spam and other cyber crime attempts. We chose this because it has the potential to force people to take extra precautions against cyber crime, which can result in fewer cyber crime victims.

Cost of Crime This article lists the amount of money that is lost annually to the various types of cyber crime. Many of the numbers are staggeringly large, and speak to our inability to effectively combat cyber crime. We chose this article because, if more people were aware of these statistics, there would be a much greater emphasis placed on preventing and ending cyber crime.

Employment, Education, and Entertainment

Computer Science Employment, Salaries, Enrollment, and Rankings This site contains an interesting chart that details the "Best" jobs in the USA and provides the top and average pay for each of the careers. We chose this because the variety of careers shown illustrates both how computers are growing in societal influence and how education can contribute to success in employment. Especially as the economy stays stagnant, technology and computers offer a new, growing field of employment.

Video Entetainment and the internet- Video sharing sites, such as this one, provide much fun and entertainment. Sites such as these show how entertainment has progressed as a result of the Internet and computers. Also, the societal popularity of videos and movies illustrates a shift in our entertainment preferences. Besides entertainment, many videos can also be used for education or other useful purposes, including education or employment.

Millennium Development Goals

MDG Reports This is a link to the annual Millennium Development Goal Reports provided by the UN. These reports track the progress that is being made to complete the various MDG goals, and it contains additional background information and statistics to support its assessments. We chose this because it is the most accurate and informational resource to track the progress made on the MDGs. Also, it increases awareness of the conditions in the various nations and areas targeted by these goals.

The report card for the world This is a collection of all the companies, people, and organizations trying to make a difference, specifically with the MDGs. There is a large variety of sources listed, and they are organized into different categories, such as each of the different MDG goals. We chose this site because the different resources allow everyone to find information and to help support the completion of the MDG goals.

Evaluating and Controlling Technology

Cars That Drive Themselves This is an article that describes an autonomous vehicle, developed at Stanford University. The article is informational about the motivation behind these autonomous technological developments. We chose this because it shows how we can manipulate technology to directly suit our needs and desires.

Tips for Evaluating Technology for Classroom Use This article discusses how to evaluate technology and whether or not it should be used in an educational setting. With technology and media, this includes deciding whether or not any specific equipment or tools are needed and available for use within the learning environment. We chose this article because it shows how technology, although so prevalent in society, is not a perfect fit in education. Also, it stresses the need to evaluate any technology before it is incorporated in a new field or application.

Risks, Failures, and Responsibilities

Computing and Moral Responsibility This is a philosophical article that discusses the issue of moral responsibility as it relates to computers. The article introduces many unique yet thought provoking ideas about our responsibility with computers and the Internet. We chose this because it offers an in-depth analysis of responsibility, and makes one consider one's personal responsibility.

Tech Risks to Watch in 2011Although slightly outdated, this article discusses some interesting points about technological risks. We chose it because it provides a reference against which we can compare our current technological risks. If we learn from the past, we can more effectively reduce the risks associated with our current technology.

Anytime, Anywhere

Breaking the Smartphone Addiction This article discusses the negatives of our smartphone addiction, as well as the positives that can come from reducing our dependence on smartphones. Because smartphones have created much of the "anytime, anywhere" connectedness of society, this analysis of smartphones' impact is informational. We chose this article because it brings up good points about smartphones that could easily be applied to computers as a whole in society.

Ten Signs Technology is Everywhere CIO shows some amazing and real life world applications of technology and how we use it on a day to day basis. We chose this article because the variety of applications illustrates just how deeply integrated computers and technology are in society. Many of these applications are not commonly considered, also showing the depth of technological integration.

Technology Advances, Social Trends

The Tech Awards This is a link to a site that honors technological developments that are beneficial to humans. There are a variety of technological advances and developments that are honored, with many aimed at helping to improve conditions for those in developing areas. We chose this because it publicizes both groundbreaking technological advancements as well as efforts to help people living in less than ideal conditions.

The Future Of Nokia An intriguing video on the technology that may be readily available for the public in 2013. We chose this because it introduces a futuristic view of some of the technological applications in an average day, showing how technology can still become even more incorporated in society.

Jeffrey Kong: Individual Work


Academic Integrity, Copyright, Fair Use and Plagiarism This is a WikiEducator page that details the basics of academic integrity, copyright, fair use, and plagiarism. The page contains numerous resources and articles that further explain each of the four topics. It is a particularly informative resource that is helpful in avoiding the common issue of plagiarism, which is especially prevalent on the Internet. Source: Selected Media

Social Impact Characteristics of Computer Technology This is an article that discusses how computers have had an impact on society as a whole. It breaks down the impact of technology on society into ten distinct impacts, and describes each one. Many of the discussed impacts are not particularly obvious, which makes the analysis more interesting and relevant. Source: Discussions

Idaho Teachers Fight a Reliance on Computers This is an article that discusses an instance of forced incorporation of technology, namely computers and the Internet, in education. This shows how technology is gaining influence in education, as well as other areas, though the response has been mixed. This article also shows some of the negatives that can come from excessively rapid integration of technology in society. Source: Discussion

VARK Questionnaire This is a questionnaire that assesses one's learning style. This is important because, as online education is gaining in popularity, one should know one's personal learning style. The various learning styles can determine whether online education is practical for a given individual. Source: Assignment Resource

How Computers Benefit Society This is an article that details some of the benefits of computers' presence in society. There is often focus on the negatives of computers in society, but this article discusses the positives, which are less widely discussed. Source: New Search

Privacy and Freedom of Speech

Did the Internet Kill Privacy? This is an article that describes how a teacher was fired due to a picture she posted on Facebook. This was interesting because it shows how little privacy we actually have on the Internet, as well as the possible repercussions of our supposedly private online actions. The article emphasizes the need for caution when placing information on the Internet. Source: Discussion

Americans! Stop Tweeting Pictures of Your Debit Cards This is an article that brings to light the serious issue of individuals experiencing theft after posting pictures of their credit/debit cards on social media sites. This shows the surprising yet disheartening lack of awareness/common sense regarding privacy online. Most importantly, the article provides support for the idea that we need to take online privacy seriously. Source: Discussion

FTC Identity Theft This is the FTC's site concerning identity theft. The site provides both information about the types of identity theft and steps to take if you have experienced identity theft. This is an important resource because it helps bring the issue of identity theft, a major online crime. It also helps people protect themselves and their identities, which are always at risk online. Source: Selected Media

F.T.C. Updates Online Privacy Regulations For Kids This is an article that discusses a recent change in FTC guidelines aimed at protecting children using the Internet. The new rules would prevent companies from collecting personal information from children younger than age 13 without parental consent. This is a positive change because it will help to protect the privacy of children, who are often impressionable and easily exploited. Source: New Search

EFF's Top 12 Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy This is an article that discusses 12 ways to preserve and protect one's privacy online. Many of these tips are useful and can greatly reduce one's loss of privacy. This also illustrates how there are many simple ways to protect ourselves, but we often neglect to take sufficient action. Source: New Search

Intellectual Property

Open Textbooks This is a very helpful resource that has a wide range of open textbooks. Contrary to many textbook publishers, this site allows for everyone to access their textbooks for free, facilitating the sharing of intellectual property. These textbooks are a great alternative, and are valuable educational resources. Source: Discussion

Fair Use of Copyrighted Material This is a resource that defines the basics of fair use and the different situations where fair use is applicable. It is especially important because fair use is oftentimes somewhat ambiguous, and this resource helps to avoid possible copyright infringement. If one knows more about the various laws and rules regarding protected intellectual property, one is less likely to inadvertently infringe upon another person's intellectual property rights. Source: Discussion

10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained This is an article that explains and corrects 11 common misconceptions regarding copyright. Due to the prevalence of copyright violations, intentional or not, resources such as these can help us avoid violating intellectual property rights. The article is especially interesting because it addresses common misconceptions about copyright that many people currently have. Source: Selected Media

Intellectual Property This is an article that provides history about intellectual property, as well as background and explanations for the various types of protections. It also analyzes and critiques the current and past systems of and justifications for protection of intellectual property. The article is quite informative and introduces many key ideas and perspectives. Source: New Search

Monsanto, Apple, Nike, McDonald’s: Intellectual Property This is an article that provides examples of how large corporations have used intellectual property protection laws to increase or protect their dominance in their respective markets. These examples underscore the perspective that copyright and other intellectual property protection laws have been manipulated to benefit the large, wealthy corporations over individuals or smaller companies. Therefore, contrary to common belief, these laws have not had as beneficial of an effect as previously believed on protecting individual inventors. Source: New Search


How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected This is an article that outlines a process for determining if one's computer is under attack from malware and other infected programs. This is an important resource because oftentimes our computers are infected without our knowledge, exposing our personal information to criminals/hackers. In order to protect ourselves from becoming victims of online crime, we should make sure that our computers are clean and protected. Source: Selected Media

Internet Fraud This is an article that details the common aspects of Internet fraud. Scams and other types of fraud are extremely common, and the article discusses how to identify and avoid common types of fraud. Preventing fraud is of great importance as it can ruin the lives of many, especially with so many people using the Internet. Source: Selected Media

Using hacking skills to protect companies This is an article that discusses how many companies are starting to pay hackers to test their systems and networks for security issues. This was interesting because it illustrates how cyber crime, hacking in particular, has become a large and worrisome issue for many companies. It also shows the lengths that companies will go to in order to attempt to protect their data. If hacking and cyber crime were not such devastating, widespread issues, companies would not have to go to such extremes for online security. Source: Discussion

SonicWALL Phishing IQ Test This is a 10 question quiz that tests one's ability to distinguish a phishing email from a legitimate one. The results are often eye-opening, as even the most careful individuals may not correctly identify all of the emails. This shows how phishing scams and other types of fake emails are actually quite difficult to identify, though a single mistake or undetected scam could be devastating. Source: Assignment Resource

Mobile Security Is a No-Win Game When Cyber-Criminals Have the Upper Hand This is an article that discusses the difficulty of mobile security and the issues in combating mobile cyber crime. The article presents the bleak yet realistic perspective that cyber security can never win against cyber criminals, who are constantly devising methods to circumvent existing security features. The article also stresses the need for individual awareness of the issue of mobile security, as many people are unaware that mobile devices and their related applications have a high risk for cyber crime. Source: New Search

Employment, Education, and Entertainment

WebAIM This is a website with a variety of simulations that illustrate the difficulties of those with vision and other disabilities. When one does not have a disability, it is often difficult to truly understand the struggles of those with the disabilities. Many of the simulations are eye-opening, and are valuable in broadening one's perspective and understanding of others. Source: Selected Media

Computer Science Employment, Salaries, Enrollment, and Rankings This site contains an interesting chart that details the "Best" jobs in the USA and provides the top and average pay for each of the careers. Since most of these careers require specialized education, this chart also showed how education is often linked to success one's career. The chart also illustrated how technology is growing in relevance and importance in the job market, as technology is home to some of the "best" jobs. Source: Discussion

Is the iPad the Correct Tool to Aid Learning in Education This is an article that analyzes the effectiveness and practicality of digital learning devices in an educational setting. The article details why digital learning devices require much effort and preparation before they can be effectively incorporated into a school or educational environment. This is interesting because, though many believe that technology will improve the quality of education, technology is only effective in an educational setting if used and prepared properly. Source: Discussion

Open Education Matters This is a YouTube video that discusses the virtues of open education and the reason why open education should be expanded. The video clearly explains its points, and additionally supports its assertions by having Spanish subtitles. This underscores the benefit of sharing information and shows how a single person can have great impacts throughout society with open education. Source: Selected Media

Computers in Education: A Brief History This is an article that analyzes and chronicles the history of computers in education. It is interesting to learn that computers have been used in education for many years, though they have only garnered attention in recent times. The article provides extensive information and analysis that is informative and interesting. Source: New Search

Millennium Development Goals

How can we spread technology throughout the continent? This is an interesting presentation that provides statistics and data regarding technology and technological progress in Africa. Many of the statistics were quite surprising, as technology is growing extremely rapidly in Africa. The article shows how technology can spread in developing nations, as well as the characteristics of technological development in these developing nations as compared to developed nations. Source: Discussion

Children: reducing mortality This is a fact sheet organized by the World Health Organization that contains facts regarding child mortality. Many of the statistics were surprising and eye-opening, and the article provided informative background information about some of the terms/categories. If more people understood child mortality and its causes, there would undoubtedly be much more support for reducing child mortality. Source: Discussion

MDG Reports This is a link to the annual Millennium Development Goal Reports provided by the UN. These reports detail the progress that has been made on each goal, and provides statistics and background information to support these assessments. The information provided in these reports is very informative, and the reports' statistics are trustworthy and relevant. Source: Previous Search

NRDC: Environmental Groups This is a resources that lists many of the currently existing environmental groups. This list is particularly interesting because it shows the scope and depth of current efforts to protect the environment. The list also allows people looking for an environmental cause to support to find a group whose beliefs and goals suit their ideas. Source: Discussion

MDG Achievement Fund This is a link to the website of the MDG Achievement Fund, which is an organization that aims to complete many of the UN's Millennium Development Goals. Their efforts are an example of the worldwide efforts to reach these MDGs, and many of their programs are partnered with various nations. The efforts of these and other organizations help to both solve the issues in MDGs as well as bring publicity to these issues. Source: New Search

Evaluating and Controlling Technology

What is artificial intelligence? This is an article that explains the basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for those with little prior knowledge. The descriptions and explanations are easy to understand, but also present a good amount of information. Before considering AI, one should read this article for background knowledge. Source: Selected Media

Cars That Drive Themselves This is an article that describes an autonomous vehicle, developed at Stanford University. Self-driving cars, which have already been developed in multiple settings, illustrate the combination and application of a variety of technological control systems. The article, which is mostly question and answer format, also delves into the motivation and goals of the designers of this autonomous car. Source: Selected Media

PhET Simulations This is a site that offers a variety of science and math simulations intended for educational use. The simulations are interactive, and can help students better understand the material that they are learning. Source: Discussion

Computer Security Authentication This is an article that lists and describes the various types of computer authentication methods. It is interesting to learn about the different methods, as well as the flaws of each. In particular, the article shows how every method of authentication has one or more major flaws or negatives, which shows how current methods of authentication are not perfect or ideal. Source: Discussion

FAA's New Flight Control System Has Security Holes: Researcher This is an article that discusses a security flaw in the FAA's flight control systems. This was interesting because technology used to control other technology and technological systems can also fail. This shows that, even if technological controls are developed for many aspects of life, there is always the risk of failure, which is disastrous to the technology being controlled. Source: New Search

Risks, Failures, and Responsibilities

Unprecedented Accuracy in Locating Brain Electrical Activity With New Device This is an article that describes a recently developed scanner that can accurately map electrical activity in the brain. The development itself is a great technological feat, but it brings up the issue of humans possessing too much knowledge. If we humans have such accurate knowledge of the human body and its structures, there is the risk that we will attempt to alter it, with drastic consequences. Source: Discussion

Discoveries This is a link to the National Science Foundation's recent discoveries. Many of these discoveries are quite interesting, and some are groundbreaking. Discoveries such as these further our knowledge about our planet and surroundings, which is beneficial to both the individual and society. Source: Selected Media

Open-source medical devices: When code can kill or cure This is an article that describes the pros and cons of open source medical technology. There are many benefits, such as improved reliability, though there are a variety of inherent risks. When dealing with an individual's health, risk is quite dangerous as failure has enormous consequences. Source: Selected Media

Computing and Moral Responsibility This is a philosophical article that discusses the issue of moral responsibility as it relates to computers. The insights in the article are numerous and thought-provoking, and they thoroughly analyze the issue. This was interesting because the philosophical arguments are somewhat different than the arguments most people make, giving the article a unique perspective. Source: Discussion

Explaining technology failure This is an article that discusses the social aspects of technological failures. It uses examples of famous, or infamous, technological failures and analyzes the human/society component in each of these failures. We often forget that we humans can play an equally important role in technological failure as does the technology itself. Source: Discussion

Anytime, Anywhere

Cloud Computing 101 This is an article that describes and explains the basics of cloud computing. The explanations are simple and make the rather complicated idea of cloud computing easy to understand. Source: Selected Media

The Massive Open Online Professor This is an article that describes the development of massive open online courses, which allow educators to teach students anywhere and at nearly anytime. The article introduces an interesting perspective, as many would be intimidated by such large scale courses. This type of education may become more prevalent as we become even more expectant of instantaneous interactions. Source: Selected Media

What It Means To Be 'Always On' A Smartphone This article discusses the significance of constant connection with a smartphone, and analyzes three possible, positive applications for our current addiction to smartphones. Instead of attempting to limit or curtail the addiction to smartphones, the article suggests that we develop ways for them to be useful in many situations so as to utilize the "always-on" smartphones. Source: Discussion

Breaking the Smartphone Addiction This article discusses the negatives of our smartphone addiction, as well as the positives that can come from reducing our dependence on smartphones. It was interesting that the article decided to address positives that could come from the change, as many articles simply expound the negatives. Source: Discussion

Mobile Learning: Anywhere, Anytime This article describes ways that we could make mobile learning more practical and effective. The article addresses both positives and negatives of mobile learning, and includes recommendations for whether it is actually practical. Source: New Search

Technology Advances, Social Trends

32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow This article lists 32 probable technological developments that should be completed in the near future. Many of them are quite astounding, and have a wide range of potential applications. The surprising nature of many of these developments attests to the speed at which technology is growing and progressing. Source: Selected Media

23 incredible new technologies you’ll see by 2021 This article discusses some of the more groundbreaking technologies that are expected to be developed over the next 9-10 years. The article even predicts the year in which the technology will be developed/unveiled, which makes some of the developments more surprising. Also, the article links each development to another, specific article, so that one can learn more about specific developments. Source: Previous Search

The Tech Awards This is a link to a site that honors technological developments that are beneficial to humans. Many of these developments are extremely beneficial to people around the world, especially those in developing nations. If more people are aware of these influential developments, they could have an even greater impact. Source: Selected Media

Thought-controlled wheelchairs and bionics that 'feel' This article discusses the development of bionic limbs and wheelchairs that can be controlled by a person's nervous system. It also discusses the social trend toward acceptance of bionics in society. At one point, people were against technology as part of the human body. However, now, as the article states, some are choosing bionics over their actual limbs. Source: Discussion

Emerging Tech Trends That Will Impact Social Business in 2012 This article details the technological advances that have and will affect social businesses. Even though the listed technologies are not exactly unheard of, the explanations are in-depth and thorough. Also, the article shows how technology can have a great effect on society, even when the technology is still under development. Source: New Search

Tony: Individual work


Vark Questionarre - The questionnaire allows people to really choose what type of approach they should take to learning. It helps those who have been having difficulties with their learning and has some specific applications in sport, training, business, and especially education. Anybody can apply thiese teachings to develop additional learning strategies. It can be used with a group, or a class, even with one on one counseling, but it does require some explanation to avoid any confusion.

Computer geeks history - This gave us a large history on the birth and evolution of the average nerd. We see the style in which they change as well how many of them are making millions now.

Computers and their Benifits to Society - Computers benefit our way of society because they are programed to let you talk to people pay your bills shop online etc., this makes it easier for everyone because of the speed of our connectivity. It allows such things as government companies and banks to work in tandem with with the rest of society. The connection of the benefits to our can go on for pages of application, but the main reason is communication.

Interesting people with my name - I was actually very surprised with the amount of people in the U.S. had my name! it is actually very long and confusing to most.

Selected Media - It was good to dive in a d get our feet wet with some of the curriculum in this class. I was even happier to see how many visual guides, such as websites and videos, we were able to have at our disposal.

Privacy and Freedom of Speech

Personal Privacy on the Web Some have argued that privacy restrictions are needed to keep Internet access attractive to consumers: Consumers are so concerned that online sites will collect and reveal information about them. It seems to me, though, that economic growth and increasing Internet use will allow us to believe the promise that companies will not communicate consumer information, so they set up enforcement mechanisms aimed at giving consumers confidence that such promises will be kept. And others make money from the distribution of software that helps protect people's privacy through technological means.

Internet privacy laws - The right to privacy in Internet activity is a serious issue facing society. Some users of the internet wish to protect their identities while flaunting there information in open discussions of sensitive topics. Others fulfill fantasies and harmlessly role play under the cover of a false identity in chatrooms. But there are always worse people out there on the Internet, they are the people who use anonymous servers as more of a way to avoid responsibility for controversial or negative remarks. This site gives the rundown on what you need to know before you "surf".

Hillarys' thoughts It's interesting to see what Hillary R. Clinton thoughts are about in Freedom of speech on the internet. Hillary, being Bill Clintons wife obviously, has had years of practice in speech and presentation being and ex first lady. It shows in this speech/article that is shown U.S department of State website, whats good is the media they have there as well, if you did'nt want to read the whole thing.

Internet Censorship = End of Freedom of Speech? An interesting video and take on internet censorship and how it will eventually end freedom of speech, it's a 30 min documentary and answers most questions I had on the subject. Theres only one problem with this video . The was registered as a domain name but it has not as yet appeared in print so why is the uploader claiming there is a Sun on Sunday and why have you a mocked up shot of this imaginary newspaper ? They have a lot of excellent videos but being so liberal with the truth leaves the other works wide open for criticism .

Censorship around the world Want to know how censorship affects different countries? Wikipedia has an excellant aource of doezens of countries and the experiences with censorship. From Algeria to Zimbabwe, it gives a detailed sense of what these countries go through and how they do or do not cope with it.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property on the Internet - This site is not for the faint of lesser vocabulary.It carries many codes and treaties to copyright laws that impact all of us. The difference that seperates this site from all others is there is no lamens terms here. I'ts all facts all the time. And if you have the time to read and remember, you will become a master of Intellectual Property

Understanding Intellectual Property A fantastic guide to a simpler understanding of the complicated world of Intellectaul Property, and how it governs us on a day to day basis. It includes everything from how to register and use trademarks correctly, to trade secrets and finding already existing trademarks and patents.

Bloomberg News Apple, Zimmer, Media Televisi: Intellectual Property An article showing the recent news of a multibillion-dollar trial against Samsung Electronics Co. , The industrial designer testifying for Apple said the South Korean company copied patented technology for smartphones and tablet computers. Sounds like trouble foe Samsung!

Mississippi Want to know what the protection for inttellectual property is like in other states? This article shows that some if not most staes may no have the protectio nmost people may have originally thought! “This first of its kind study shows that intellectual property-intensive companies have a direct and significant impact on jobs, productivity, and competitiveness in every state of the union,” said Mark Elliott, executive vice president of the GIPC. “Intellectual property’s economic contributions are evident across all states, large and small.” - from the article

Which Chain 'Took' David Chang's Intellectual Property? David Chang talks about possibly franchising his restaurants. "Certainly there have been deals out there," he said. But then he continues and talks about his dealings with an un-named fast food chain: "There is a very successful fast-food company that approached us and quite frankly took our intellectual property. And they are running our concept right now. They have two stores that have opened up." - -from the article


Crime on the Web Everyone trying to get started on there new "life" on the web should touch base with this site here. Even before you go to get The Internet For Dummies, you should browse the findings and facts this small but detailed website has to offer. That is, only if you do not want to be taken advantage of later.

Internet vs. Children People are always going to be on the internet to gain items for there own pleasure. The problem with parents nowadays is they allow there children, usually younger than 15, to enter the same world that grown adults have problems with every day. The Internet is supposed to a learning experience, allowing children to learn from the ideas of others. This site gives an overview of what is happening to our youth of today on the internet, and what we can do to stop it.

Silicon Valley Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force - It is always good to know what kind of crimes apply more to your city. This being Silicon Valley, the SJPD has invested tax dollars to a special task force made specifically for the public safety of children on the internet. This site will show you exzactly how those dollars are being put to good use.

Cyber Crime A simple site, showing in easier terms with many comments how cyber crime can effect each and every one of us. There are a lot of articles attached to this online hub of research, many different comments showing how everyday people are affected and how it happened to them.

Cost of Crime Ever wonder how much money is lost or invested in the prevention of viruses and hackers? This gives the prices as well as a detailed explanation on how the money was lost, or even how they invested it. " The authors observe that we are “extremely inefficient” at fighting cyber crime and offer a hard-line solution:"

Employment, Education, and Entertainment

State Jobs Looking for a state job? People are looking for you through the internet for that very job. This site allows anybody with the education or requirements to work for the state, to work in any state available. The listings are always changing, and the security of these jobs is better than most. It's a great use of the internet and it allows our country to be a better economical machine.

The Internet and its Educational Properties As connection speeds increase and the size of the Internet grows at an exponential rate, the digital content reigns supreme. And in this era, free education has never been so accessible. The Web gives lifelong learners the tools to become those people that we would never think we would become. And allowing us to strive to try and join the ranks of other self-taught great thinkers in history such as Alexander Graham Bell, Paul Allen and even Albert Einstein himself.

T.V. FOR ALL - The Internet is an exciting place for entertainment. We can play online games, chat with friends and family, browse live news and interesting articles, watch online movies, do online shopping, hear FM Radio's and Podcasts. Watch Live Televisions, Get new friends through social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Twitter, Friendster etc. And in general, providing a comfortable area for any body to to be, no matter what background and preferences you may have. This site implements the great use of video sharing legally for your favorite tv shows. No viruses and having the ability to stream everything makes it that much better

Video Entetainment and the internet- Video sharing sites provide much more fun and entertainment. Those sites such as Google video, YouTube, Metacafe includes lot of funny, interesting and useful videos. Funny pranks and Comedy videos in those video sharing website shall be used a good stress relieving tools.Watching online movies is another great entertainment in Internet. There are numerous websites providing online movies, some of them are free too and some charge a tiny payment. Online movies include all genres such as action, romance, drama etc. This site was made specifically to share video media witout the hassle of payment and viruses. Enjoy!

San Jose Fun Wanna know why San Jose is one of the best cities in CA? This is a City site showing anybody and everybody waht type of attractions ncan be enjoyed here in the Silicon Valley. Very proffesional, showing exzactly how much better it is to have computers and the internet be your perfect tour guide.

Millennium Development Goals

The report card for the world This is a collection of all the companies and people trying to make a difference in their on way, for the world. The amount of sites available are staggering but the presentation they are formed in is very user friendly. The great thing about this is it is so opened minded with ideas, if anybody wanted to help, they would be able to do it in the way they see fit. Comfortably and confidently.

Games and Virtual Worlds Can Help You Deliver a More Global Education An interesting application towards the positive thinking of video games and education. This shows a nintendo DS game made specifically for a positively reinforced method of learning. Most if not all lessons of knowledge should be leaned in some sort of way like this.

Where your money goes... Want to know what happens with the money that you donate to the Millenium Development Goals Achievement Fund? this site gives the rundown on where they work, what they work on, and how the money is being implemented in countries all over the world.

MDG 2015 This site shows, with lots of links to social networks like facebook, twitter, FLickr, and Youtube, what the campaign trail looks like for 2015. It also shows what you can do to help and what is being done now. They also carry many resources like speeches, ad campaigns,. publications and policy papers.

Access to water This is an article about the topic of water and sanitation in general, and exzactly how it seems to be just out of reach for millions upon millions of people. At least 11% of the world's population – roughly 783 million people is without water and proper saitation.

Evaluating and Controlling Technology

Tips for Evaluating Technology for Classroom Use Evaluating the conditions, such as material or environment, requires consideration about how students will demonstrate their understanding or behavior. With technology and media, this includes deciding whether or not any specific equipment or tools are needed and available for use within the learning environment. For example, if students will need to individually interact with multimedia presentations that are streamed over the Internet the school's network needs to have the capacity and speed to handle the demand.

Thinking about current trends in education We are now at a point where the evaluation of technology-based instruction should be mandatory when introducing it into a classroom. To date, this kind of practical work has been limited – especially when it comes to the younger grades. I am at a loss when trying to think of any other field where we introduce new tools without rigorous empirical consideration on their effect.

Technology planning Library staff, library leaders, and library helpers must learn how to tell the library's story in a compelling way, using not only data and statistics but also real examples of how libraries have helped to transform individuals and strengthen communities.

Today's Five Green Technologies that Could Change Our World Tomorrow Besides having state rebates and federal tax credits, solar power also grants freedom from increasing electricity rates, freedom from interrupted utility service and freedom from foreign energy dependency that provides a great motivation for people to turn to green energy, there's also that awareness that the world could be a bad place to live in if we continue to "not care".

Top 5 Green Technologies Still Missing from the USA Want to know what technology other countries have that we do not? Why don't we have have and if we do implement them to our american society, will it blend well? Wouldn't having a train between San Francisco and Los Angles sounds like a dream. There has been some opposition from Senate and local residents for various reasons though.

Risks, Failures, and Responsibilities

10 Tech-Risks that Paid Off Big Ever intersested in what companies rieked it all to be some of teh biggest in the world? This is an interesting article from a site called SiliconIndia, it is always interesting to get the view from a news company outside of the U.S.

Tech Risks to Watch in 2011I know 2011 may be a little old to touch base on technology risks and cautionary tales, but it is always good to look back on the past and see what goals were placed and if the plan that was made solved the problems we had in the past. Interestingly enough, this is from a site called the Insurance Journal.

Electric race car? What are the risks of extremely fast vehicles flying by on the street or track? Will people of Nascar still enjoy the sport they fell in love with when it gets so quiet, you do not even hear the racers passing by? The real question isn't whether or not the motor could be used for racing, but about the battery. Can you get enough distance out of them? Trust me, I want these to succeed. Not because I am a Nissan fan There are just fewer moving parts. By definition if you have less moving parts executed well you have less to go wrong. Laws of averages and probability at work.

10 Short Lived Google Products Ever Google, the search giant who recently became a real hardware company, had released a bunch of beautiful products over the years which became an unavoidable part of our life. But as happens with every tech company, Google also had some promising products which failed to justify their existence and got killed in the juvenile stage itself, some even within 24 hours of release.- From the article

5 Dying Technologies in Smartphones There are so many mobile technologies, a lot that we once thought as “futuristic” turned out to be something of the past in a couple of months. Here is a list of such dying technologies in the present day Smartphones.

Anytime, Anywhere

The next step for technology Bill Gates has always had his mind ahead of the pack when it came to different applications of thecnology and how we share information as a species. This site shows a small excerpt from Forbes Magazine and there take on Bill Gates' thought on Universal Access, I wish more people would start thinking of this globe as a whole like this.

Slideshow on Technology There are many ways to show and display information on teh internet. But this gentleman took it to the next level by setting up and showing how we worked with technology in the past and how much more readily available that same tech is now everywhere.

Regulating technology Anytime, anywhere Details on the American Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) and how they tell you that the alleged "consensus" proposal is a great idea, it supports auctioning the spectrum. "Small Business in Telecommunications (SBT) is opposed to auctions and to the consensus proposal. Nextel tells you that it is entitled to "regulatory parity," and it supports the consensus. The Personal Communications Industry Association (PCIA) filed comments stating that the FCC doesn't have the authority to engage in the auctions, that Nextel has engaged in improper actions in warehousing spectrum, and that PCIA might appeal the whole thing to the courts unless the FCC gives it credit for coming up with the consensus proposal." - -From the Article

Ten Signs Technology is Everywhere CIO shows some amazing and real life world applications of technology and how we use it on a day to day basis. It also includes some up and coming attractions that are promising to be some of the advanced peices of technology for the public to date.

Jetsons-Style School Cafeteria High-tech vending machines at Miami-Dade Public Schools require no cash to purchase lunches, only student ID numbers. A variety of healthy food options inspired by Miami chefs, like wraps and yogurt parfaits, are sold and dispensed within 20 seconds of purchase. Parents and students can log in through the school's online portal to view their accounts and track what was bought. IT monitors cost, inventory and sales for over 45 high schools and 10 middle schools in the district.

Technology Advances, Social Trends

Anticipated Tech From Apple's iPhone 5 to next-gen thermostats to OLED TVs, here are 20 tech products we're looking forward to seeing in 2012.

Sony Roly Do you like music...of course you do! Do you like a speaker that acts as if it is dancing to the beat of your music wherevert you go? Maybe, but once you see this video, you will be in awe at the amount of detail and precision these mechanical speakers do at entertaining an audience.

The Future Of Nokia An intruiging video on the technology that may be readily available for the public in 2013. Hopefully we do not start integrating machines in our brains just yet!

Apple 2050 technology demo With all the technology videos showing what may happen in the next following years, Apple took it to the next step and made a video of a possible future 50 years from now. Will Apple be close to there prediction? Or will it not matter because aliens are coming in the near future? You decide.

It's coolest bed in the world With us spending more than a quarter of our life sleeping, why wouldn't anyone want to own the coolest bed in existence? Looking at the comments on this video, there were a whole lot of people saying.... "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!"