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Moodlesmilie.png Students @ Work - a student collaborative writing project.
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CIS 2 Computers and the Internet in Society  :: SUMMER 2009

Students participate in collaborative writing through the use of this wiki. Their work on these assignments is published below.

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4. Students' Guide to Group Work

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  2. Now you have some experience with working in groups, add your suggestions for group work to the Students' Guide to Group Work. Review the suggestions already here. Click on the [edit] link to the right of the 4. Students' Guide to Group Work. Add your suggestions for group work. Include your initials at the end of your entry. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Save page button.

-- As a group maybe we could create a powerpoint presentation explaining a chapter of the book. -KD

-- I think a clear goal would help focus the groups effort. Perhaps the above suggestion or the creation of an outline or summary of a particular section of the course. -MK

--If working as a group in this class, we should meet in a chat room as a faster way of communicating. We should let everyone contribute their ideas, before deciding what we should do for our project. -VM

--We could post our ideas here first and then discuss them in a chat room. As for my idea, maybe we can post an article on a website (i.e Wikipedia) regarding any course topic we have covered or another interesting topic that can relate to our course. - EJ

--Online Group Work makes communication easier and allows for more in depth conversation. Adding links helps further illustrate your point. -ZL

--WikiEducator provides a way for students to share their projects. However, I agree that chatting is a faster way to communicate for groups. Maybe the discussion on time and the outline for the online meeting and minutes could be posted here when doing group work in an online chat situation. That way anyone who missed out on the conversation could get up to date quickly. RJ

--I also agree that chatting online would be extremely helpful. The forums help immensely to get information across, but by using a live chat, we can all discuss in real time. In order to get everyone working together in a live chat, we could use the forums to discuss a time that would be convenient for everyone. If someone cannot make it to the chat, we could copy and paste the entire chat log to the forum so that the person who missed it could read what we talked about. -KB

--I believe using a live chat would be the best way to get ideas from everyone and have everyone contribute. We can all decide on a time that is good for everyone and we can still have record of it in case someones misses it or we need to go over some things. -SA

For a group to be functional, I think it's important that the group needs to picks days and times for when to have a group discussion. (KC)

-- I agree with the above, and would add that each group should create a schedule or progress time table for the completion of their project right at the beginning. -MK

-- This is my first time really writing on a wiki site. I always wondered how and why wiki site are getting more famous. I still need to find out more about it. This is just another tool for collaboration. What is the real benefit of this tool compare to other ones? – O.M.

-- I agree with everyone else since we are in an online class by chatting it is very helpful to have a fast communication. Expressing ideas to others is a better way to work in groups online. - J.M.

--I agree with the chatting online. I think that is going to be very helpful because we'll all get a fast reply. But it's the timing that is going to be a problem, because there are people either busy in the morning or night. -Y.K

-- I think for a group to be successful, they need to maintain open communication and, like someone above said, try and coordinate specific times for everyone to meet online and discuss the group work, concerns, questions, etc... -AR-

Use terms like "us", "we", and "our" to help develop a group spirit and feelings of ownership by group members. These terms recognize and acknowledge the idea that each group members' efforts are important and everyone has a stake in the project's outcome. -A.E.

MidTerm projects

Additional resources or activities that would enhance or expand the community service learning component. Remember - there must be a connection between the community service and the CIS 2 Computers and the Internet in Society curriculum.

I suggest that we can have a rule to post our comments to at least one of our classmate's post to the discussion. In this way, we are able to have a bit more connection with one another.-Y.L.

8. Great Technologies List

Google Search Engine for new and old news articles
-VM download free programs and software free software if you have a MAC -J.M. - free internet radio. You pick a song or artist you like and it plays other things that are similar to your taste. The more feedback you give, the more it tailors the music to your liking. -MK

"Son of Citation Machine" at - enter the information for the source you wish to reference and this will give you the proper citing format in MLA, APA, and Turabian citation. -MK

Google documents, great if you dont have ms office -JS

Firefox. a safer to use internet explorer -JS

Download. com is really helpful to download some basic software. Yahoo or gmail or any other free email accounts are really useful to have. - SA - A website where people can write and help improve program script. -KB - A project website that creates fact based answers for free. -KB - A website where you can find anything that people are selling locally. It's local classifieds on the web from plants to furniture for sale to free dirt. It's a great way to reuse something from someone else, reduce on the shipping to and from, and recycle what you don't use. And it's local. - RJ - Download3k is a website that offers free software downloads for Windows. -AE - Smilebox is a photo service that lets you quickly turn your pictures into digital creations. The site offers hundreds of ecard, scrapbooking, and slideshow designs for every occasion. - AE

Final Projects

Final projects for Summer 2009 address the U.N. Millennium Development Goals. The UN renewed commitments to achieving the Millennium Development Goals by 2015 and to set out concrete plans and practical steps for action.

How can computers and the internet contribute to resolving these societal issues? What is being done now? What is planned for the future?


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