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CIS 2 Computers and the Internet in Society  :: FALL 2008

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Final projects


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Week 4. Students' Guide to Group Work

  • Keep in touch with your group members frequently.
  • It is important for your group to come up with a common platform to communicate. The platform can range from face to face meeting, discussion in a forum, chatroom, email, etc. It should be a platform that every group member is comfortable with and committed to attending.
  • Active listening: show that you hear and understand what other group members are trying to convey. Validate other team members contributions when applicable.
  • When possible, ask open-ended questions that allow other members to provide full responses.
  • Find a common ground with other members of the group, discuss group and individual expectations, define conflicts and resolutions.
  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities of each group member.
  • Define and recognize when outcomes and milestones are met.

Week 8. Great Technologies List

  • Twiki - A powerful, and easy to use enterprise wiki, enterprise collaboration platform and knowledge management system. (A.A)
  • Tineye- a new type of image search engine to which you can upload a picture file to search the same kind of picture instead of searching by words. (S.K)
  • FotoFlexer - an online image editor that provides various types of image editing functions for free. (S.K)
  • FreeTranslation - An online site that translates anything you want it to into just about any other language for free. (D.R)
  • FreeEyeTest - An online site that lets you take an eye test for free. (D.R)
  • Dictionary- An online site that lets you look up the definition of the word for free. (A.C)
  • WebMed- An online website that lets you look up your symptoms and then gives you some of the different illnesses that you might have for free. (A.C)
  • - A free online screening to find a canine disease or medical condition. (R.B)
  • An online website that helps you convert measurement units. (L.N.)
  • Hulu - End of Tivo. You can watch your favorite TV shows with limited commercials. Currently their list of shows and movies is not very long but it is growing rapidly. (H.Y)
  • LendingTree - A website that will search various financial institutions for the best mortgage rate. (A.T.)
  • Mortgage Calculator - This website will calculate how much your monthly mortgage payment will be based on the interest rate and term provided by the user. (A.T.)