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Women leaders and leadership

Leadership and management


  • the most important factor limiting women is their lack of education
  • a woman’s place is in the home, women should focus on caring for their husbands and children
  • discouraged from an active life outside the home
  • women accept a lower status or feel powerless to rise above their current station in life
  • belief that men possess “hpoun,” a power derived from meritorious actions in past lives (Burma)
  • militaristic culture many regard as inherently male-centered

Women as Mobilizers

  • Analysis of the styles of great Women Leaders - Thatcher, Gandhi, Meir


  • Women in the movement
    A handful of prominent female activists have made a significant mark on Burmese dissident politics, but true equality of the sexes remains elusive. Three days after Cyclone Nargis struck southwestern Burma on May 2-3, social activist Phyu Phyu Thin bravely came out of hiding to help victims of the storm.