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from Mike Dear 2009.5.25

.. it is not important how many people attended the fishing training, but how many fish get caught

Community empowerment definitions

Words and definitions are important in this business.

We (CEC) do not support the idea of teaching only English in literacy classes, but local languages

We do not support the idea of poverty alleviation (which lightens the pain by attacking symptoms), but poverty reduction and eradication

We do not support the idea of capacity building (with its social engineering approach), but capacity development

We are not opposed to fund raising, but it is not for us; we maintain an annual budget of zero. We are not beholden to anyone (especially CIDA).

We use the term community empowerment because community development has colonial residuals, patronizing elements and rural bias.

These are not minor pedantic definitions, but essential to our methodology. We look forward to and enjoy collaboration, but we will not be compromised on principles accumulated in over 40 years of this work. These distinctions are explained in our key words section. See: