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STEAM :: This is an online collaboration to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, Aviation and Math (STEAM) through aviation and aerospace education. Educators are invited to create and share aerospace and aviation learning information and resources.

Curriculum maps - Physics, Physical Science, Math, Algebra 1

Speakers, show-and-tell, field trips

  • Debbie Schaum, an associate professor of meteorology at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, will give a presentation on developing summertime weather, planning flights in various weather conditions, and developing personal minimums. At the end of the presentation there will be a forum to discuss questions from the audience.
  • Dennis Sawyer will discuss the high point s of his interesting career which includes stints as an air race crew chief with the Red Bull Racing circuit!
  • Jan Eggenfellner will present the latest in light sport engine options available. Jan has lots of experience in the development of innovative power plants for home-built and light sport aircraft. Honda- based engine, Massey Ranch, CAD - Solidworks
  • Reno air racing
  • helicopters
  • hanger tours
  • fabric covered aircraft
  • kit built planes
  • gliders - Pat Anderson, Flightdynamics Aero Pierson?
  • Kermit Weeks - that airplane guy that has so many restored airplanes he had to build the Fantasy of Flight attraction to hold them all
  • BuildAPlane - plane, suggestions, working with mentors, educator network
  • EAA 288 - Young Eagles introductory flights, mentors, expertise, instruction
  • ERAU - student A&P mentors
  • Daytona RC airplanes - simulators, dual trainer controller, practice area
  • work space, tools, equipment
  • completion materials - donations, fund-raising
  • LoPresti
  • Lockwood, Boy Scout aviation, Girl Scout aviation (WAI)

questions, concerns

  • administration, support, teachers
  • AITR
  • student signup, commitment
  • academics, graduation requirements
  • funding

Jamie's wish list - may 2011, update june 2011

  • show-and-tell at school, field trips, challenges
  • see / help work on a home-built plane project - learn what is involved
  • introductory flight lesson - EAA Young Eagles - not school activity
  • connection with Embry-Riddle with their students and professors helping ours would be great for our kids
  • prove that it is part of our curriculum
  • dedicate half or possibly a whole day a week to working with aviation / aerospace
  • use real world aviation problems in the classroom, for students to learn math and science principles
  • currently show videos of crosswind landings when I teach my math class about vectors
  • cool if we could make the learning even more real and hands on
  • Marine Discovery Center - birds, aviation

Women in aviation

Women in Aviation International Dr. Peggy Chabrian President & Aviation Education contact

Girls with Wings Lynda Meeks - Founder and Executive Director

Aerospace integration

show & tell / presenters / field trips

  • electronics, plane parts, business, entrepreneurs, pilots, A&P, air traffic control, RC practice field, ERAU, DAB tower, flight school, commercial simulator, prop balance equipment (SC FBO), hanger tour, home built projects in progress, helicopter, helicopter school, ? flight catering, glider, parachutes / jumping

  • problems - measurement, units, calculations - density,
  • examples - aircraft construction, flight,
  • challenges
  • textbooks, OERs
  • lesson plans - NASA, Wright flight,
  • instructional video - EAA
  • software, design - X-wing
  • life science, human factors
  • life skills - careers

Aviation, IT and robotics

avionics, manufacturing, drones, control systems, simulation, autonomous, materials

aviation - framework for STEM, IT application

  • Skunkworks Robotics is affliated with Aviation High School, located in Des Moines, Washington. We are registered as Team 1983 with FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). Our name, Skunkworks, is inspired by Lockheed Martin’s top secret Skunk Works program, where the company designed many incredible aircraft such as the SR-71.
  • Museum of Flight - Robotics program examines the expanding role of robotics in the exploration of space. Students will engage in activities before and after the videoconference, initially constructing simple machines, and then progressing to more complex devices. During the videoconference, participants learn about NASA's most advanced robotic systems.
  • European flight simulator designers are creating cost-effective full-motion flight simulators for helicopter pilots by using a heavy-duty industrial robot to provide motion to the simulator's cockpit.
  • The Robotics track of the Mechanical Engineering Degree Program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott Campus provides a strong undergraduate education with a focus on the design of robotic systems for aerospace applications such as autonomous ground, air or space vehicles. The robotics curriculum combines a strong emphasis on the fundamentals of engineering kinematics, dynamics and controls with integrated analysis and design topics ranging from robotics real-time control, sensor integration, probabilistic robotics and mechatronics.

Basic Science for Aerospace Vehicles

Basic Science for Aerospace Vehicles by Northrop Institute of Technology (Mar 1973)

  • 1. Science Fundamentals
  • 2. Elements of Aerodynamics
  • 3. Airfoils
  • 4. Aircraft in Flight
  • 5. Blueprint Reading
  • 6. Fundamentals of Drafting
  • 7. Standards, Materials, and Hardware
  • 8. Structures for Aerospace Vehicles
  • 9. Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • 10. Plumbing for Aerospace Vehicles
  • 11. Weight and Balance
  • 12. Pressure Instruments
  • 13. Mechanical Instruments
  • 14. Gyro Instruments
  • 15. A Look into Outer Space Glossary
  • Densities of Liquids
  • Densities of Metals
  • Atmospheric Standards
  • Greek Alphabet
  • Conversion Tables

Electricity and Electronics for Aerospace Vehicles

Electricity and Electronics for Aerospace Vehicles

  • 1. Fundamentals of Electricity
  • 2. Magnetism and Electromagnetism
  • 3. Capacitors and Inductors
  • 4. Alternating Current
  • 5. Electric Measuring Instruments
  • 6. Batteries
  • 7. Generators
  • 8. D-C Generators and Controls
  • 9. A-C Generators and Controls
  • 10. Electric Motors
  • 11. Installation of Electrical Systems
  • 12. Principles of Electronics
  • 13. Receivers
  • 14. Transmitters
  • 15. Electric Instruments
  • 16. Electronic Control Systems
  • 17. Radar
  • 18. Two-way Radio for Light Aircraft
  • 19. Radio Systems for Modem Airliners
  • 20. Electronic Navigation Equipment
  • 21. Autopilot for Light Aircraft
  • 22. Autopilot for Jet Airliners
  • 23. Guidance and Control for Missiles
  • 24. Communication Systems for Space Vehicles Glossary
  • Useful Formulas
  • Greek Alphabet
  • Copper-wire Table
  • Electrical and Electronic Symbols


Curriculum maps - Physics, Physical Science, Math

  • research - annotated, tagged library of bookmarks
  • teach - lesson plan, concept, background, activity, demonstration/presentation, progress record, publish (bio eg.)
  • community service learning - local - middle school, elementary school, after-school programs, Boy Scouts, museums, online - AvSTEM
  • design / build - human-powered flight, ornathopers (flies by flapping its wings), Leonardo's flying machines, airport security
  • create a FIRST Lego League game/problem, demonstrate possible solutions
  • collaborate with ERAU students - summer camp preparation, after-school program activities
  • participate - NSB Balloon & Sky Fest Education Zone - design/select/coordinate - demonstrations, activities
  • complete PPL knowledge test - ground school, test prep
  • create a topic guide and personal learning network - sites, tools, contacts, news feeds, discussion groups
  • develop a simulation / animation
  • blog learning journey
  • imagine the near future (now+10yrs) - identify an opportunity for improvement and provide a solution
  • produce audio / video presentation
  • host webinar - plan, direct, promote

Examples, resources

  • NASA education - webinars, activities, materials
  • develop aviation-related activities to compliment the lessons in the Khan Academy video series. - suggest materials and activities to highlight aviation applications. Over time, these collaborations will expand to cover a broad range of topics and interests.
  • FAA documents
  • blog - news, activities, courses, resources, lesson plans, videos, podcasts, comments, questions, promotion, events, trip reports, visits, interviews
  • news - bap ref/links, aviation, stem, events
  • delicious - aero.ed
  • community - yahoo/google, facebook, twitter - not much success in the past
  • Mechanic's Manual - Aircraft Inspection, Repair & Alterations: Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices (FAA Handbooks)

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

  • aviation basics
  • physics of flight
  • math - measuring, distance, graphing, angles, area, ratio
  • science - experimental design, independent variable, dependent variable, constants, forces of flight
  • technology and engineering
  • courses - credit, general interest
  • lessons - simulations
  • activities
  • open textbooks
  • language arts - reading and following directions, writing non-fiction, reading fiction, report writing
  • history - history of flight, models of historic aircraft, contemporary aircraft
  • navigation - applied math
  • air traffic control system
  • rocket assembly and launching - physics of flight

Course / textbook - for plane builders. Each topic includes related learning resources for science, technology, engineering and math. Learn about the application to aviation and aeronautics, then learn the STEM components to support this.

  • flight
  • airframe
  • powerplant
  • systems

Build A Plane

Build A Plane donates actual airplanes to schools across the United States for students to build or refurbish.

  • include city, state with list of projects in progress
  • students blog - progress
  • teachers / mentors blog - curriculum, lesson plans, additional material, resources, assessment, guidance, evaluation
  • need preamble for donate - before application - describe process, benefits
  • request a plane process?
  • community groups - start a project? guidelines, process, requirements - more information prior to making the call for "barnstorming"


it ‘sticks’ and leads to meaningful behavior change in the workplace

  • screen - title, graphic, text, rollover/click on screen, buttons for new windows, next, back, faqs, learn more
  • short audio with transcript option, explaining a diagram or picture
  • short video - 3 minutes
  • animation - mostly gratuitous
  • links to separate documents in new window - job aids, background, source, elaboration

bap - ideas, links

projects and supporters


Build A Plane - an organization that is making airplanes available to student groups to learn about aviation as well as science, math and technology

Working with Lyn Freeman, I have helped to set up and facilitate an educator community network - we added a blog and are just getting this rolling

We are also building the best darn aviation resources directory focusing on online educational materials.

Is there anything here that is applicable to your teaching or curriculum? This is early on in the development, so we are looking to work with teachers and students who can provide feedback and suggestions.

I would love to chat about how we ( can expand our site and services to support educators and students through aviation-related information and activities.


Build A Plane - connecting math, science and engineering education with aviation and aerospace

I would like to chat about Build A Plane and how curriculum and/or a plane building project might fit in given your personal interest in flying. We are actively looking for instructors and kids to work with directly, then share this information throughout the BAP network of projects, contributors and educators.

Is this something you are interested in? Can we set up a time to meet? -- 3 December 2010


Some examples from Build A Plane


  • Using aviation education to promote interest in science, technology, engineering, and math in rural Alaska
  • Young Eagles - gives interested young people, ages 8 - 17, an opportunity to go flying in a general aviation airplane. These flights are offered free of charge and are made possible through the generosity of EAA member volunteers.


Aviation online courses, activities

  • Aero Scholars - high school program - two online aviation courses, lecture material, educational video, 3D animations, interactive questions, and other multimedia learning tools.

Textbooks, training materials, handouts

  • Aerospace the Journey, published by the Civil Air Patrol
  • The Private Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, published by the FAA.
  • guidelines for mentors, organizations, project sponsors
  • Organizations - student groups, aircraft owners - building, restoration, pilots associations

Lesson plans