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diigo - math

Math Journal / Portfolio

portfolios post

  • goals, requirements, scores, progress, charts, reflection, assessment - objective, subjective
  • personal learning network - resources - videos, explanations, examples, self quizzes

For current grade level, testing, scores, areas of weakness

  • step back, work on supporting material from "prior knowledge" for weak area

Learning paths

  • series of "linked" tasks
  • self-directed, goal, requirement
  •  ? IXL - games, videos, related resources
  • extra credit for recommending new resources


  • student identifies areas of weakness - hard, don't understand, love, easy, share resourcess "I learned from that"
  • based on testing, assessment, teacher evaluations, observation


  • accomplishments - completed, testing, assessment
  • interests - discovery, quest, peer teaching, math in everyday / games / sports / food

  • Coherence Map shows the connections between Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.
  • Volusia Math curriculum map


  • assess current level ? like reading
  • students know where the stand - easy access to math profile, guided next-steps

goals, expectations - more than just assignments, do this


  • extrinsic - rewards, recognition
  • intrinsic - self-directed, goals, interests, curiosity, needs / wants
  • usefulness ? what's in this for me

generate interest, engagement

  • kahoot > ?

try this

  • survey / assess - broad spectrum - weakness, strengths in math background
  • challenges
  • self-directed
  • games, puzzles
  • tracking > sharing with student


  • online services, monitoring, reporting, student feedback