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Current grade is 101 / 210.

  • Select one of the remaining topics and prepare a study guide for the topic. The guide must include and introduction, and a minimum of 10 online resources that relate to the topic selected. For each of the resources referenced, provide a link and a summary of the ideas covered. This must be original thoughtful analysis of the resources. Direct quotes may not be used. Using the information from these sources write a 500 word discussion of the topic. Include the reasons for your selection and what impact the subject will have on society. What new innovations are anticipated and what will be the impact of these on society?
    The final product can be submitted as a document or as a WikiEducator page.
    Topics to select from are: 7. Evaluating and Controlling Technology; 8. Risks, Failures and Responsibilities; 9. Anytime, Anywhere; 10. Technology Advances, Social Trends

from the Syllabus - GRADES

  • A : 95 - 100%
  • B : 85 - 94%
  • C : 75 - 84%
  • D : 60 - 75%
  • F : Below 60%

This work must be completed no later than Monday Sept. 21, 2015. Deductions of 10% per day will be assessed for late work. No work will be accepted for credit after Monday Sept. 26, 2015