Great Technologies List - Summer 2015

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Add your suggestions to the list. Include the name. link and a brief description, and your initials at the end of your suggestion.

  • QRReader (AL)
  • Mobile Apps (KG)
  • FitBit (KG)
  • GoPro(KG)
  • Apple Watch (MC)
  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (MC)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (MC)
  • Leap Motion Control (CN)
  • Bloom Box Energy Generator (CN)
  • Google Self-Driving Car (CN)
  • Google Docs / Sheets (DC)
  • Facetime / Skype (DC)
  • brain simulations/ BS
  • Dropbox (DC)
  • Project Gutenberg(MM)
  • Pandora/Spotify (MM)
  • Beats Headphones (MD)
  • Google Chromebook (MD)
  • Photo to iPad scanner (LO)
  • 3D printers (LO)
  • Viber (FN)
  • Shazam (FN)
  • Myo Thalmic Arm Band (VG)
  • Oculus Rift VR (VG)
  • Emotiv Epoch Headset (VG)
  • Venmo- A website and phone application used to send money for free. It is like Paypal except between friends. (MH)
  • Prezi- A website online used to make presentations, like Powerpoint slides, for free. (MH)
  • Sparknotes is a database with a wide arrange of topics summarized for quick and easy learning. (NA)
  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary is an online dictionary that also includes many other resources for words and grammar. (NA)
  • CNet- Online tech review website (CC)
  • Vimeo- HD video sharing website (CC)
  • Tango(MG)
  • waze(mg)
  • smart sprinkler (rg)
  • Keyless smart lock (rg)