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but wait there will be more ! trying out my signature .....

Writing some text ... and hello you are my wiki neighbour  --Viv Hall 02:11, 21 June 2009 (UTC)

' how clever -- it worked. Funny how labels carry such different meanings, I was confused because I was trying to work out my 'signature' --- you know the one for the end of your email, lols!

Tidying up my computer, I happened across part of a presentation, written ten years ago as part of a Women in Educational Organisations, Massey University. Let's try some editing on this passage....

Mentoring, Role Models and Sponsors

“ Success depends often not only on hard work, but also on encouragement, guidance, support and advocacy from those who are already in the system”
Hall and Sandler( 1983,2) in Neville, M (1988)
    • Mentoring, support and role modelling are pivotal to your developmental progress. We, as educators, are constantly acting as modellers as we teach. Neville uses Josefowitz’s definition of the term mentor as a wise and trusted sponsor. Differentiating it with the term ‘role model’ – a person to copy or emulate. New Zealand research in 1979 shows that women can identify a mentor who had given encouragement and this mentor was usually male. In my early career this certainly was the case.
    • Currently I find I have taken up a mentoring role and tend to have role models in my professional space. My last two positions were not applied for they were ‘ shoulder taps”. In this case there has been a strong sponsor in the background built up through networking. Wheatley(1981) outlines the sponsor role in gaining positions of responsibility as major importance in the business environment.
    • Neville highlights the importance of visibility and an innovative pioneering spirit in entering the fields of management which are very masculine. Wheatley (1981) asserts that these attributes are essential to the accession to real power in the structures of organisations. Viv Hall

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