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(Comment.gif: Good Job. --Pankaj 10:09, 4 July 2013 (UTC))

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RTENOTITLEHello everybody Iam vanita and Iam very keen to be a part of Wiki family and hope to share and contribute knowledge to be shared by the entire wiki community. (bold)

I think this is a great platform wherein educators from around the world can contribute content to be used ad shared by the community. (Italics)

My Hobbies include: ( My First Header)

Listening to music : (My Second sub heading)

Reading fiction : ( My third subheading)

Writing Poems : ( My fourth subheading)

Collecting Different currencies ( My fifth subheading)
Social networking ( My sixth subheading)  Heading and subheading

Types of Language Skills

Listening skill

Speaking skill

Reading skill

Writing skill

Use of Bulleted and Numbered List

  • This is my first item
  • This is my second item
  • This is my third item
  • This is my fourth item
  1. This is my first item
  2. This is my second item
  3. This is my third item

External Links

My best search engine    

Social Networking

3.pdf Sharing reading

Internal Links


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