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General Back Ground on the Island of St. Kitts.

  • Geography

The is island of St. Kitts is some 68 sqaure miles. The highest mountain range reaches some 4000 feet.The land is fertile. The island is surrounded by several other islands of the Leeward Islands.

  • Population

The island has a population of about 30, 000. This figure has been stable since the early 1980's. The vast majority of this population is under the age of 40 hence the island is considered of having a very youthful population.

  • Economy

The island is said to have a developing economy. The currency used is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar which is shared by several other countries of the Eastern Caribbean Curreny Union. This currency is regulated by the Eastern Caribbean Central which is located on the island in question.

Information on St. Kitts

Wayne Vaughan