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I’m Úrsula Yolanda Palos Ramírez, I’m from San Diego de Alejandría, Jalisco and I’m 23 years old.

Nowadays I´m working as a teacher of a primary school group in START, I taught to children from 1st to 3rd grade 3 hours per week. I had never worked as an English teacher until the last year, and to face the real context of the groups has been a little bit difficult. I have to deal with children that do not want to learn, and other who are very interested in English. I enjoy a lot with all of them; because they are like a challenge for me, I try to do my best to motivate them to learn English.

My ideal teaching position is having my own English school, where children, teenagers and adults can learn it as a way of communication. I know that before I need to work a lot. At the end of the B.A I would like to study to achieve my master degree, for having more work opportunities, not only in Elementary schools but also at Universities or Companies, I do not how and I do not where but I will work as an English teacher. In this class I want to improve my use of grammar I have a lot of mistakes, sometimes because I don’t know how to apply it correctly, or think and write in Spanish, some others I need to pay more attention to what I’m writing to make it better.

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Teaching grammar for children; even if it is implicit or explicit, results difficult when trying to make it easy and dynamic for them. Grammar as itself is not easy, either fun, but it is the structure and form of the language, the basics that every student should know. Implicit grammar used to be the best option for some teachers, due to they can include fun activities such as games, dialogues, puppets or role plays, nevertheless it can result complicated integrate all students in those activities and some of them can get distracted and distract others. If teaching grammar explicitly is the option, then the problem will be in getting the students’ attention, because they can get bored, they can get confused with rules, and all that information that includes learning a language. It could be difficult for teachers integrate grammar classes in an easy and funny way for children.

3 paragraph essay

Teaching grammar to children is not an easy work even if you are trained or not to do it. Teachers can apply different methods to achieve their children learn English grammar easy while having fun. As teachers it would be easier to teach grammar only when it is necessary –when a pupil has a specific question on why things should be in the way teacher says- (Scott et al, 1995), It is not clear what is an original idea and what is not. See APA. also to correct mistakes when speaking or writing and the rest of the time through different means, such as games, applying the Total Physical Response method,(TPR),songs, chants or dialogues.

The application of the TPR method is very helpful for children that is why it is one of the most used nowadays. TPR helps children to learn through movements and games and reduce the students inhibitions (Shearon, B. ) Review how to cite references according to APA.This method helps teachers to activate the motor functions in children and helps to keep children awake and interested in class. In this case grammar is taught indirectly for example, Review runon sentences. if you teach verbs you can say the verb and children act out the verbs: jumping, running, swimming, etc. Review capitalization rules.they will have fun and they will learn some common actions, which probably they are used to do.

"In TPR, the instructor becomes a movie director who guides actors - the students - through complicated scenes much like a parent guiding an infant through intimate caretaking situations. And just as the infant develops an intricate understanding of spoken language, students acquire, with pleasure, an in- depth understanding of the target language" Asher, J. J. 1984. That is why TPR is a helpful way to teach grammar in an easy and enjoyable way for children and teachers. Review conclusion paragraphs. You are direct quoting too much in this paragraph.

References Scott A. W., Ytreberg H. L. Teaching English to Children, Longman Keys to Language Teaching, retrieved from

Asher,J. J. Language By Command The Total Physical Response approach to learning language,1984, Last Updated 29 June 2000. retrieved from:

Shearon, B. James Asher's Total Physical Response A short introduction retrieved from

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