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e-learning at BOCODOL

Botswana College of Distance BOCODOL and Open Learning is an institution whose mandate is deliver education to learners across the country through the use of Open and Distance Learning modes. In order to improve on its service delivery and also extend acess to its learners, the college is now trying to enter into the world of e-learning and adopt the technology as a vehicle through which to deliver teaching and learning. The institution has in the past made some attempts to kick start implementation of e-learning by identifying software that could be used to support this initiative. Eventually an Open Source option was explored and 'Moodle' was chosen for trial purposes.

Challenges for the upcoming Moodle Project.

1. The college needs a dedicated server with requisite architecture to handle many concurrent connections to the server when learners log in.

2. More manpower is needed to support the Front end mode of PHP and HTML and MySQL database

However regardless of these expected challenges, it is believed that it is appropriate to start with things that can be done within the capacity and capability of current resources.


There are a number of projects that the College is involved in to promote uptake of e-learning at institutional level. To date the College has organised two workshops in collaboration with COL. The first workshop was for Open Educational Resources (OER) and the second for Learning4Content. These were both aimed at skills development for the college staff to acquire Instructional Development and Wikieducator skills respectively.