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This word is bold and this word is italics. Obviously, if you want bold and italic you can do this.

Frustratio semper irritans

!!! Everything that was written in the previous page - telling of the
frustration with not having access to the tutorial while working on the
edit exercise page, and the hair-pulled out over getting to those two
pages in the first place, has GONE - I went to Show Preview, wanted to
edit what was written and lost the page, the site, everything!!!

What to do?

The instructions are so simple, yet I get so easily lost. I must be too damned literal. It just does not work for me.
That's better; feel more myself again.
Now, to somehow get back to the Tutorial page without losing all this precious (specious) script.


A good way to vent frustration is to talk or write about it. It even can be useful as nonsense text to play with.

Open Learning Agency

Flowery Tendrils

Bibliography 2

Garibaldi Lake near Vancouver

Lists a la mode

The first thing to do is to make a list

  1. ideas come first
    • main ideas
    • supporting ideas
  2. organisation comes second
    • Thesis
    • Supporting ideas
    • Conclusion

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