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Everything that was written in the previous page - telling of the frustration with not having access to the tutorial while working on the edit exercise page, and the hair-pulled out over getting to those two pages in the first place, has GONE : I went to Show Preview wanting to edit what was written, and lost the page, the site, everything.

The instructions are so simple, yet I get so easily lost. I must be too damned literal. It just does not work for me.

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That's better; feel more myself again.

Now, to somehow get back to the Tutorial page without losing all this precious (specious) script.

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Folks, I hope you forgive this stream of consciousness, giving vent to my frustrations.

My purpose is to show that there might be difficulties for the average person (myself obviously included), whether he or she is in education or not, to find his or her way in this editing business. I will admit, though, that when I went into WikiPedia to do some editing, I found that fairly straightforward. [I was finding out how to do this for myself, however, and not following instructions ;)]

My sandbox

GED - Cotr

Feeling much better about this exercise, and to prove it...look

Grown old by mistake

This page is a subpage of the USER as well as other pages.

TO DOs include finishing this WikiEducator tutorial and putting the skills to work on the College of the Rockies G.12 (Provincial level) English document.