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About Me

Hi Guys,

I am a technical education teacher who teaches Building at TAFE NSW St George College St George TAFE.

Prior to working at TAFE, I was the manager of my own construction company and have worked on a wide range of projects over the last 25 years
Timcau Photo.jpg

Work History

When I first started in the industry I worked on small projects such as renovations and additions.Over the years the project sizes gradually grew. While this did bring some drawbacks it also provided more room to express myself in terms of quality and the range of finishes involved.

Past Projects


This image is a waterfront home I built about 15 years ago (at the time this was a fairly large step up).

Rural Retreat

This home is on 100 acres and has no external services connected other than the phone. All power comes from solar panels and heating is from combustion stoves or bottled LPG.

Detailed Flooring

Once in a while a customer or their architect comes up with an unusual detail. This floor required us to build a subfloor of particle board and then inlay Travertine slabs between hardwood boards. There is also a circular section inlaid in timber off to the right.

Other Interests

Outside work and family (a wife and 3 teenage children) my friends would consider me a flying nut.I have spent the last 18 years persuing all types of flight.

I drifted into flying hangliders from sailing and haven't looked back.

10 years ago

These days I still think hangliding is the purest form of flight but I do spend more time in my other toys. I think I get nearly as much fun from building or maintaining them on rainy days as flying them when the weather is great.

My Sandbox