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My Community

I am from a variety of small communities. During the week, I live in a typical South Pacific urban community where houses are separated by live fences of hibiscus plants but in the weekend, I am either in my small village or my husband's small village where physical boundaries are blurred as everyone is related either through kinship or by virtue of the traditional social structures. People move freely between houses and into houses which is fine as all houses are open.


Have been in education all my life as

  • classroom secondary teacher
  • teacher educator
  • college principal
  • university administrator and lecturer.
Currently the Samoa COL focal point 

I am proud to be Samoan having been born on a small Pacific island yet have had access to the wide world through education, travel and the world wide web. Am also a proud grandmother of two and mother of five.

My address is Motootua, Apia
My phone number is 685 26271

My Children

  • Tepora and Fuimaono Aloalii Wright
    • Joshua Kollese Wright
    • Jonathan Tua Wright
    • LeSinaolemoana Tilianamua Foketi Wright
  • Kolisi
  • Reta and Va'a Teueli
    • Jeremiah Teueli
    • Reinhardt Lauitiiti Teueli
  • Tane
  • Siaosi

Creating Links

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