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At the end of the lesson you should:
  • identify
  • and draw a diagram to show the direction in which sound travels.

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  • identify directions in which sound travels
  • draw labelled diagram to demonstrate direction sound travels

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  1. Ask students to draw arrow(s) on paper showing in which direction they think sound travels.
  2. Assess drawing via observation to know the student's current knowledge.
  3. Ask students to stand around you in a wider circle and to listen carefully.
  4. Ring the bell once.
  5. Ask around in whether each student has heard the bell rang.
  6. Make sure students now have a fair idea of the direction in which sound has travelled WITHOUT telling them.
  7. Ask students to return to their seats and draw a second diagram of the direction in which the sound from the bell has travelled.
  8. Assess their final diagram to ensure they have all learnt.

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Throughout this lesson, you have been assessing your students formatively, using the diagrams. You have a fair idea of how your students have progressed by comparing the first and final diagrams.

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Sound travels in all direction. The first assumption by students is often that sound travels in one direction. After being part of the activity, though short, they should be able to know that sound travel in all directions.

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