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Ms Thomasine Baker

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I am pleased to welcome you to the University of Belize, Dept. of Education and Arts. I ask you to journey with me in an exploration of human development. Together we will examine Adolescent Psychology and introduce you to psycho-social, physical, cognitive and sexual development from conception through adolescence.

Dr. T. Baker

[Name: Thomasine Baker, Ph.D. [Photo:=[[image:Adolescent Psychology Syllabus==

Spring semester 08-09 Days:M W F Hours: 9:00-9:50 AM Office hours: MW 3-4 PM This course examines the maturational, social, emotional, cognitive, neurological, perceptual, sexual and conditioning factors in human development from conception through adolescence. Additionally, it explores the influences of family, peers, school and modern culture as well as disturbances, value growth, and career choice.

Course Outline

Students will be required to complete outside journal reading on topics relevant to discussion content and submit a 4 page evaluation. Students (or student groups) will be required to select from the course content a topic which they will present as a summary of the text reading and any outside research to further the teaching of that topic. A written outline of your presentation is also required. The outline should include the major points and a brief explanation of the chapter. Visual aides, role playing, handouts in addition to the outline will greatly enhance your presentation. Furthermore, student is expected to use the American Psychological Association (A.P.A.) format for all assignments. Other requirements for the course include:Observation at an on-going adolescent social program (after-school program, sporting event, you are asked to observe an adolescent in his own environment and describe his/her interaction with their peers. Research current issues in Adolescent Psychology as indicated. Interview an adolescent using a questionaire provided in your course outline.

Course Title

Adolescent Psychology

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course students should be able to:

  • one Apply the major theories of psychology to development. *two Review the research issues relevant to the study of children. * three Recognize and comprehend the concept of maturation thoughtout childhood. *four

Course Text

The textbook required for this course is; Adolescent Psychology, 8th Ed., Pearson Publishing.

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  1. Adolescent Psychology- Course assignments
Article, Dare to be Yourself, by Karen Wright.