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Contact-new.svg Tanya Thorogood
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Country:Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand
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I am a passionate teacher and a dyed-in-the-wool West Aucklander. I live with a bright, beautiful (yet blase) teenage boy and an earnest Golden Retriever. More to follow...

Professional background

  • Current:                    Head of Literacy - Rutherford College
  • 2006 – current:         Classroom Teacher of English and Language Literacy Alternative – Rutherford College

                                     Full teaching age range (years 9-13) in a 3-level banded school (Learning Support, Mainstream and Kaleidoscope),                                          with particular weight of practice in both lowest and highest band classes.
                                     High rate of referrals for assessment of underachieving and/or gifted students.
                                     Core classroom strategies using differentiation in sensory preferences, learner styles and neural processing.

  • 1998 – current:          Learning Support/Gifted and Talented tutor of over 300 students 1-1 and groups

                                     Year 7 to 13 English, Health, Mathematics, Science
                                     All levels Meta-cognition including self-esteem, exam and study skills, learning styles.

  • 2005 – 2006:              Regional Representative – SPELD Auckland, Manukau and Franklin
  • 2005 - 2006:               Liaison Officer – SPELD Auckland


  • Current     University of Auckland                                 GradDipTESSOL (on scholarship)
  • 2005         SPELD New Zealand                                  Certificate in Specific Learning Difficulties
  • 2005         University of Massey                                  GradDipSecTchg (English and Health)
  • 2001         In-Tuition Development Institute                   Certificate of Neurolinguistic Programming
  • 2000         Hart Life Coaching Institute - Australia         Diploma of Life Coaching
  • 1981         University of Auckland                                Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and English)

My Interests



My Sandbox

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I want to make a link to The Dyslexia Foundation of NZ because they are COOL...and helped bring pressure to bear on our Government to officially recognise dyslexia as a Specific Learning Difficulty.

The Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand

To find out out more about dyslexia in NZ, go here.


"The largest wiki training program in the world"


Twice-exceptional Students



To Do List...

  1. Do my reports.
  2. Move the mulch from the back lawn to behind the garage.
  3. Practice this stuff in My Sandbox until I don't lose my headings!!!

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"My Wiki Project."

A project to help 'identify, support and remediate dyslexia indicators in secondary students.'

"My Booklist."