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Content coming soon is "Ontology in Content Management"


In our day to day life we find farmers facing various problems while cultivating a crop. They approach scientists and research institutes to get a better solution. A delay in getting the solution can make much difference to a farmer and there are more chances that he may loose the crop. Hence, getting a real time solution is very important to the farmer for his sustainable livelihood. Therefore ICT (Information Communication Technology) can play a major role in providing solutions in time and faster than conventional methods to farm communities.

Information and Communication Technology refers to the dissemination of information using various communication devices such as television, radio, telephone and etc. To fulfill the needs of the farmer, Research Organizations are striving hard to provide information from lab to land by using ICT.

As per the literature available, among the available ICT tools, mostly computers with Internet are being used to provide information to farmers. As farmers find difficulty in operating a computer, extension worker act as a mediator to retrieve the data and give it to a farmer. It takes much time for the extension worker to search the appropriate information from various sources present in a scattered manner. Hence, content management helps in maintaining the scattered content in a particular format. But, through Content Management Systems it is difficult to retrieve the specific data whereas, ontology helps in easy retrieval of data and also describes resource location. So, I am using Ontology in Content Management of Sorghum crop.

Ontology is the representation of various concepts and relationships between them. It increases the efficiency and consistency of describing resources. Concept maps and topic maps use ontology to represent relationships among various concepts and topics. These maps enable a user to retrieve the data easily as they act like a cover page over the content that is available and specify the location of the resource.

Remote Location 1
Remote Location 2

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