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Terminology, Which in plain English, means, Names

  • How Far Can you Go ? ----->> Distance
  • How Quick Can you go? ------>>Speed
  • How Long will you take to go where you want to go ? ------>> Time

Those are the only three things that you need to be aware of while doing questions on Speed, Distance & Time

Variables, means short-forms for things that are not yet known

So, Lets give these big words short names that are easy to remember

  • Lets give Distance a smaller name and call it D
  • And, lets give Speed a smaller name and call it S
  • And finally, lets shorten Time to T

Formulas, Or Rules that will help solve your problem

  • There is really only one rule that you need to remember


S = D divided by T

How do I use the formula to solve the Problem

Use this Image to remember the formula Sdt triangle.gif

Rules to use this formula:

  • The variables in the bottom are multiplied
  • The variable on the top is the dividend
  • So, if one of the variable is unknowm, then just perform the operation on the other two as given in the triangle
   i.e. if T is not known then remove, T from the triangle and the two remaining D and S form the formula D divided by S

So How do I approach a problem ?

  • Simple Problems
  1. Read the Problem first and find out what information is given
  2. Out of the three, Speed, Distance and Time, two of them will be given
    1. If Speed is given, then say S="given speed"
    2. If Distance is given, then say D="given distance"
    3. If Time is given, then say T="given time"
    4. List what needs to be found out
    5. Finally use the formula to find out whatever variable is missing.
       i.e. if S is not known, use D and T from the formula above to find it