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Hello and Welcome! To a few of my favourite things..

  • All things Natural and all things in Nature
  • Children and all things Energetic
  • Teaching , Learning & Experiencing
    • I also am an educator and love teaching and learning with kids
    • Here are few pages on Math that I created for my students
  • Motor Bike Riding, Horse Riding, Bicycling
  • Adventure Sports & Adrenaline Gushes
    • Trekking .. In the Himalayas, The Sahyadris and the Nilgiris
    • Rafting : My favourite Rafting Outfitters : Aquaterra Adventures
  • Animals - Wild, and in the wild
  • Music to heal and feel
  • Food - Green, Raw, Fresh, Colorful

This is ME,Sujata Sahu, mother, teacher, explorer, nomad and reluctant adult