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  1. To understand what collocation is
  2. To learn the right usage of collocation
  3. To enhance communication

What is collocation

The word 'collocation' can be split into 'co/col' and 'locate' to mean place together, go together or locate together. In other words, two or more words go together to give meaning. These combinations always sound right to the native speaker and they use it frequently in their speech as well as writing. And other combinations would sound unnatural to him. For example, it is always a fast train or fast food, but never a quick train or quick food. In the same manner, they say only a quick shower or a quick mealbut not a fast shower or a fast meal. .

Why learn collocations

However good our knowledge of English language is, we may not feel comfortable with the usage of the language. Language is for communication and in order to communicate effectively, we may use collocation. We can be confident of expressing ourselves very clearly and efficiently. The usage of collocation will make our language sound more natural and native speakers will understand us better. see [1] visit this site

How to learn collocations

Types of collocation

  1. Adverb+Adjective
  2. Adjective+Noun
  3. Noun+Noun
  4. Noun+Verb
  5. Verb+Noun
  6. Verb+Adverb