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Contact-new.svg Susheela Nirmal
Employer:Tamil Nadu Open University
Languages:Tamil, Malayalam & English
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Hi! I'm Susheela Nirmal of TNOU

My profile

Hi all! My name is Susheela Nirmal.I have just joined the group of Wiki educator.

Professional background

I am currently a Consultant in the Department of English in the School of Humanities of Tamil Nadu Open University, Chennai. I joined this University in December, 2008. I am responsible for linguistic edition of all the Course materials of BA English, BA English and Communication, MA English and Post Graduate Diploma in Spoken English. I also co-ordinate Course writing.

Educational qualification

  • M.Phil. Degree from Kerala University in 1981
  • MA English from Lady Doak College, Madurai Kamaraj University in 1974
  • BA English from Sarah Tucker College, Tirunelveli, 1972


  1. Trained candidates to take IELTS Exam
  2. Taught English Literature to MBA Students of IIPM, Chennai
  3. Proprietor of Indo-American Nursing Academy
  4. Director of ADS Scans
  5. Assistant Professor of English
  6. Tutor of English

My interests

I have a passion for teaching English Language. I love order, tranquility and peace. I enjoy gardening and listening to instrumental music.

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