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As part of preparation for the Tectonic Shift Think Tank event, Erik Möller suggested we come up with a vision. I'm not sure this is exactly what he meant, but this is mine:

  • I believe that it's important for people to have freedom, but that it's just as important how they use it.
  • I believe that Sir Arthur Lewis was right when he said that the fundamental cure for poverty is not money but knowledge.
  • I believe that sometimes it's better to be happy than right.
  • I believe that intellectual property is neither intellectual nor property.
  • I believe that the more we consider what we want for the future, the more we will care about justice in the present.
  • I believe that science is an imperfect tool for learning about our world, but that it's the best one we have.
  • I believe that the extent one bears goodwill toward strangers is a sign of one's character.
  • I believe that numbers tell part of the story, and feelings tell the other part, and that without both, the story is incomplete.
  • I believe that it's better to work together with those with whom one doesn't entirely agree than it is to toil alone in an ivory tower of ideological purity.
  • I believe that if you teach a man to teach others to fish that you feed the world.
  • I believe in WikiEducator.