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waiting patiently for milk
.This cat may seemed out of place here but in the larger scheme of things everything has its role to play.As a matter of fact there is a lot of work for kitty to do in keeping uninvited rodents away from its master`s home.

The VUSSC BootCamp Participants

one happy bunch
This group of educators comes from a wide cross-section of the world.They comprise of four sub groups with a dynamic leader in each.They represent twenty-two small commonwealth states with all unique cultures ,diversity of experiences, yet they share a common language which in itself is the major cohesive tool that will ultimately bring success to the task that was thrust onto them.It is a wonderful experience for every member of this special group to be afforded such an opportunity to share their expertise and to form that community of learners and that only enrich each individual country.

Stephen home

The joseph`s home is unique in design and located in a quiet also out of the way valley which was once a popular banana estate.Today it is probably one of the most rapidly developing residental area in Dominica.


That`s. my lovely wife Joycelyn with Ndo and Zhana who have brought so much joy to our lives.Not sure if parents could ask for any better children than these two.They are such a wonderful blessing.