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My sandbox

photo of Ndo and Courtney Joseph

Boot-Camp Training

Am so excited about attending the Boot Camp Training in Signapore.There is so much to learn about wikieducator, editing and text formatting.Honestly i can`t wait to get going.There is a new world waiting to open up for my country and college to be more specific

Research Methods

Am presently teaching a Research Methods Course. This morning my students had so much fun constructing their hypotheses and labelling the variables. Some wonderful operationalising of the variables were evident.I felt really good to see how quickly they assimilated this information. Once again i realised how hands -on , practical approach to teaching adults is far more beneficial than traditional, lecture approach

List of tasks to accomplish

  1. design research course for continued education
  2. prepare lectures for early education
    • prepare ED5 exams
    • mark scripts for primary ed.
  3. read novel
Message pad with pen.jpg

[[This week has been most rewarding for me.The use of wiki is beginning to fall in place.Although am far from my intended goals for this Boot-Camp Training am optimistic that with the collaboration of my colleagues and dedication to the task i will accomplish my goals.The teams displayed well coordinated skills and expertises among those who are content experts and those who are IT experts.Am absolutely convinced that COL has put together, through the countries nomination, a dynamic working team. A collection of varied abilities all working towards a common goal.Am really looking forward to an even more productive week.]] sandbox/2 sandbox3