Dr. Srikanta K. Panigrahi

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Dr. Srikanta K. Panigrahi

Contact-new.svg Dr. Srikanta K. Panigrahi
Dr. Srikanta K Panigrahi
Website:Carbon Minus India
Blog:Srikanta Panigrahi Blog Facebook
Employer:United Nations Environent Program Planning Commission India
Occupation:Environment Advisor
Languages:English, Hindi, Oriya, Bengali
Country:India Flag of India.svg


DR. SRIKANTA K. PANIGRAHI, has obtained his formal degree in Civil Engineering and then received other degrees in Environment Planning, Management & Business Administration from credible Universities of India and abroad including Technical University of Dresden (TUD), Germany and School of Planning & Architecture,New Delhi. He was also an UNEP/ UNESCO Fellow, where he delivered Guest Lectures in five prestigious Universities of Europe at Humburg, Dresden, Prag, Vienna and Zurich.

He has worked for several Organizations of national and international importance, especially with Government of India and the United Nations. In fact, He was the Member-Secretary of a prestigious Working Group at Planning Commission, to prepare the historic "National Action Plan for Operationalising Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in India", under the Kyoto Protocol, in the instances of Indian Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Moreover, he has been representing the country in the Climate Change Negotiations of non-Annex (Developing) Countries in Conference of Parties (COPs), where he specializes on “Climate Change & Development Issues”.

Dr Panigrahi is known as "Chief Architect of Indian Carbon Market"; who was instrumental to initiate Kyoto in India, the entire UNFCCC CoP Process, Climate Change Negotiations and DNA formation and subsequently as it's Member to implement the National Action Plan, which he formulated and Operationalized CDM and it is only because if his personal pursuance and Leadership initiatives; India was first starter of CDM, among developing World and could emerge as Global CDM Leader.

His areas of expertise include Environmental Policy & Strategic Planning, Environmental Impact Assessment, Energy Policy & Planning, Climate Change Adaptation, Impact & Mitigation Policy, Natural Resources Accounting, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Development, Waste Minimization, GEF Portfolio Management, National Self Capacity Building in Implementing Multilateral Agreements on Environment, Mining & Environment, Human Settlement Planning and Sustainable Industrial Development for Cleaner Production.

He is the Member of many prestigious high powered committees of Government of India, including - National Strategic Knowledge',JN National Solarand other prestigious Missions on Climate Change at Indian Prime Minister’s Counci'l. He is a Visiting Professor to IIMA. In addition, he was instrumental in the formulation of Tenth and Eleven Five Year Plan and also had played the Key role inPlanning Commission in its’ implementation in Environment & Forest Sector of the nation. Dr Panigrahi is also now the national Vice-President Indian Society of Remote Sensing (ISRS) & Chairman, Delhi Chapter. He is a Fellow Members of Institute of Town Planner’s (India) & Institute of Engineer’s (India). In addition, He is in Governing Council of Solar Energy Society of India (SESI). He is the Director General of Carbon Minus India (CMI), New Delhi – the premier Organisation, engaged in stabilizing the Planet’s Climate and Chairman, Carbon Management School. Moreover, He was architect of the recently launched historicUNEP project "India Climate Neutral Programme 2008-20".

Dr Panigrahi is also awarded National Science Popularisation Award from Hon’ble Prime Minister of India in 2004-05; for his extraordinary contribution and commitment to popularize Science among common mass, who is working in the areas of Environment Protection, Energy Conservation and Sustainable Development for last more than 25 years.