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What is OER?

It stands for Open Educational Resource. The creation of this OER is to help learners learn about Research Methodology. Though there a great variety of books,online materials among others yet it is quite problematic for some to still come across the right source to help get the gist of what entail Research Methodology.

The content also is not congested and is very much to the point so that the learning can take place in a very clear and distinct manner.

However, unlike most OERs, this one does not provide any compulsory assignment or task or activity. This is given only as optional and any learner is free to send his or her work in case s/he needs a feedback. The reasons why it is optional because the writing of a Research Methodology for all learners will not be of the same topic, or the same field, or the same problem and so on. As a means to facilitate the learner’s task, anytime s/he has to write a Research Methodology can always send his or her work to the email address given below.


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