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There are various types of research. However, the two most common research namely Qualitative and Quantitative.

Below is a diagram illustrating quality versus quantitative research[1]



This term tends to study the “quality” of things around us naturally in the context and based on the assumption that the world is made up of numerous realities, socially constructed by various individual views of the same situation. Those researchers try to discover the meanings and interpretations by studying cases intensively in natural settings and by reflecting the researchers’ own experiences in what they report. The benefits derive from qualitative research is that it provides understanding from the participants’ viewpoint and offers a strong empirical commitment to triangulated description of reading.


The term itself refers to the quantity that is, the amount. In other words, quantitative research results to a larger population unlike qualitative research. in this type of research the researcher is an objective rather than a subjective observer.

Below is a link that direct you to a video that provides you more insight about qualitative and quantitative data.

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