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Prioritizing Your Values

Now that you have identified your core values, you understand what is important to you. You can use then refer to your values list whenever you have to make a difficult or important decision. Read some of the questions from the list below.

  • Should I smoke Marijuana or drink alcohol because my friends are drinking and smoking?
  • Is it OK to have sex with a few close partners?
  • What if I decided to have a sexual relationship - should I protect myself from HIV AIDS and other STDs?
  • Is it "cool" to say "no" to sex?
  • Is sex OK if you are getting something for it: money, cell phone, or clothes?
  • Is happiness and health important?

These are difficult questions with no straightforward answers. When faced with such decisions, you need to refer to your list of values, prioritize them and then make a decision. The prioritization of values allows you to make decisions which would lead to fulfillment of goals without sacrificing your core values.

Remember that although this decision may be the correct one for you at this point in life, you might decide differently when faced with the same situation later in life.

Activity 2

Examine the list you of values you selected in Activity 1 and arrange them in order of importance.