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Exploring Personal Values

Our life is guided by the values we act upon. Many of us have never taken the time to truly explore and identify our values. Behind our choices and actions are the values that take us into living fully, while other values diminish the quality of our life. You have an opportunity to base your life on the values that are consistent with how you want to live your life. Having fun or taking risks may run counter to being healthy. In order to be healthier, it is important to live out of the values that are consistent with your purpose.

Values change over time in response to changing life experiences. Recognizing these changes and understanding how they affect one's actions and behaviors is the goal of the values clarification process. Values clarification will not tell you what your values should be, it simply provides the means to discover what your values are.

Activity 1

Let’s begin with a small sampling of values. You can add more values and make notations if you like.

  1. Circle any value or representation of values you feel strongly about. Select one that you have circled and write a paragraph on why this particular value is so important to you. What does this mean in your life? Is this a value you hold important and act on? Why or why not?
  2. Honesty Trustworthiness Friendship Relaxation
    Recognition Independence Wealth Health
    knowledge Family Fun Risk
    Marriage Control tolerance Peace
    Safety Fame Nature Caution
    Responsibility Generosity Timliness Cooperation
    Respect Beauty Recycling Preservation
    Unity Caring Creativity Closeness
    Adventure Uniqueness conformity Money
    Loyalty work Ethic Talent Religion
    Love Companionship Solitude Humility
    Growth Justice Freedom fixiing things
    Music Harmony Objectivity Flexibility
    Politics Life challenge change
    Animals children Students Happiness
    Reading Writing Freedom Computing

  3. From the table above, identify the twelve (12) Universal Core Values.

(Check your answers at the end of the unit)

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